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Choosing make-up brushes might not seem like a big deal, but you’re going to use them every day, so I feel like it requires some thought. If you’ve ever stood on the cosmetics aisle and were completely overwhelmed by all the brushes hanging there, you are not alone. I’ve been there too, so to help all you ladies out, I’ve put together this quick list of tips for choosing make-up brushes. I hope it helps you get what you need without stress so you can look your beautiful self every day.

1. Set a Budget

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No matter your budget, you can find great make-up brushes. That means you don’t have to settle for the low end, but you also don’t have to shell out a month’s salary to get what you want. Consider how much you have to spend, then look for brushes that fit within your budget. You can often find good ones at drugstores or department store cosmetics counters. Of course, you can always special order them off the internet as well if you need to, which is one of the best tips I have for choosing make-up brushes.

2. Consider Your Needs

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Not every girl needs every type of make-up brush out there. Maybe you wear bronzer, but you don’t always put on lipstick. Or maybe you prefer the applicators for eye make-up. Think about what types of brushes you might need so you don’t clog up your make-up bag with a bunch of stuff you’ll never use.

3. Look for Dome Shaped Edges

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Many make-up experts recommend tossing the brushes that come with your cosmetics. That’s because they usually have straight, blunt edges. You’ll get a much more natural look if you choose brushes that have dome shaped bristles. That means they’re a bit longer in the center and taper to the edges. At the same time, this shape makes it easier to get your make-up exactly where you want it.

4. Choose Natural Bristles

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According to everyone in the know, natural bristles are better when it comes to make-up brushes. Not only do they provide a better finish when you complete your look, but they’re also easier to care for and keep clean. Plus, they don’t come loaded with harsh components that your skin may not agree with.

5. Look for Durability

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Let’s face it – some make-up brushes aren’t worth the money. Even if you have a small budget, don’t settle for less than perfect brushes. Experts suggest giving the bristles a gentle tug. If they come out, skip that brush and find a different one. Even if you can’t spend a fortune on your make-up brushes, you still deserve a set that will last for many years.

6. Think about Storage

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Sure, I’d love to have one of those huge blush brushes, but my make-up bag isn’t big enough to hold it. If you have a tiny bathroom or you like to carry your entire make-up cache with you all day, it pays to give some thought to the size of your brushes. That way you don’t end up with a set that hogs up all the space in your bathroom drawer or that you don’t get to use often because they aren’t portable.

7. Understand the Cleaning Routine

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Most make-up brushes can be cleaned with warm water and soap, but I’d recommend making sure before you invest. You’d hate to ruin your brushes with improper cleaning methods. Check the packaging or ask the make-up counter girl about how the brushes should be cared for. That way you’re ready for anything!

How do you choose make-up brushes? I don’t use a ton of them, but I love how fun they look at the store. Which ones do you use?

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