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If you’re looking for ways to lighten your makeup this summer, you’ve come to the right place. As the weather gets warmer, you want to let your skin breathe. You don’t want to weigh it down with your usual makeup routine, so sometimes it’s necessary to switch a few products out, to leave a few behind, and to add a few to your rotation. These simple ways to lighten your makeup this summer will leave your skin thanking you for the break!

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Ditch the Foundation

Ditch the Foundation I know, I know. The thought of ditching your foundation altogether sends you into a panic. If you want to ditch your foundation to lighten your makeup, try weaning yourself off of it. Make an effort to wear less and less until your skin barely needs it anymore. If you can’t completely say goodbye to your foundation this summer, try switching it out for a concealer on your difficult areas. It’s not necessarily one of the easiest ways to lighten your makeup, but it’s the most beneficial.


Switch out Your Eyeliner

Switch out Your Eyeliner Gone are the days of harsh black eyeliners and mascaras. Switch your harsher makeup products for softer shades when the summer months come upon us. Personally, I always try to switch to brown eyeliner and warmer eyeshadows during the summer. That simple switch will brighten your whole face!


Try out a Bronzer

Try out a Bronzer If you tend to stay away from bronzers, the summertime is the perfect time to change that! Bronzer is much safer than an actual tan, and it will leave you positively glowing. Whether you go with a matte bronzer or a shimmering bronzer, you will love the results. Bronzer screams summer!


Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted Lip Balms If you’re spending time in the sun, it’s often easy to forget about your lips. Your lips need sunscreen too! Tinted lip balms usually have SPF, moisturize your lips, and provide a little bit of color. They’re perfect for beach days or simply days you spend running around doing errands.


Cream Products Are a Must

Cream Products Are a Must Cream makeup products are perfect for summer. Whether it’s a cream blush, a cream eyeliner, or even creamier lipsticks, these will become your new addiction this summer. They blend so nicely, and are quick and easy for your busiest days!


Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper Blotting paper is essential for your hottest days, but they’re a must for everyday this summer. Blotting papers will save you so much time this summer. If you’re at an outdoor event, they’ll save you from some rather shiny photo ops, but they’re also great for everyday. They keep your face from getting too oily as you go about your day, no matter what you’re doing. They’ll save you from removing and reapplying your makeup halfway through the day, and if that’s not a reason to love them, I’m not sure what is.


Use a Finishing Spray

Use a Finishing Spray Discovering Urban Decay’s Finishing Spray was my greatest discovery of last summer. If you’re attending a lot of events where your makeup is in danger of melting off, whether it’s a bunch of weddings or concerts, finishing spray is a must. You simply spray it on your face after you finish your makeup and you can stop thinking about your makeup. You don’t have to check for raccoon eyes or anything of the sort. It is a lifesaver in the summer.

What are your tips to lighten your makeup? I’m always looking for more tips, so let me know in the comments!

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Thank you

i dont agree with using cream makeup on a hot day..

face cream with a dewy conplection are a must during summer.. you put that on wothout any foundation on top and it even your skin tone, gives a slight dewy look which hides the sweat away..

great advices thanx :)

thank you x10. I live in hot sweltering FL and always look for tips. your are great. just 1 I thought of;) waterproof mascara is a staple. but if you don't like the feel, just do your lower eye lashes with this. my new fave is Maybelline stiletto

It's summer give your skin a break!!

I usually don't wear any face makeup in the summer, but for those who can't live without foundation I'd recommend a light coverage BB Cream. I know Maybelline makes a few, and make sure it has SPF in it! :)

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