7 Makeup Ideas for when You're Bored ...


It’s good to have some makeup ideas for when you’re bored with your daily makeup routine. Doing your makeup the same way every day is bound to get boring on occasion. It doesn’t always take something drastic to shake things up. You can try any of these 7 makeup ideas for when you’re bored to get a different look and a confidence boost, too.

1. Try on a Bold Lip

Many women are afraid of a bold lip or feel that it isn’t right for them. Everyone can wear a bold lip, it just varies in what bold lip is right for you. You can think about your normal lip color and then choose one in the same color family that has a bit of boldness. For example, if you’re normally a pink lipstick kind of girl, you might try fuchsia lipstick. Trying on a bold lip is one of the easy makeup ideas for when you’re bored.

Play with Color
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