21 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teens Learning the Trade ...


21 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teens Learning the Trade ...
21 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teens Learning the Trade ...

Makeup is so much fun to play around with! Of course if you're just starting out, it can seem a little daunting at first but fret not, the internet and its experts are here to help. Here are some makeup tips you can carry with you for the rest of your life to streamline your makeup routine, save money, and enhance your natural beauty!

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Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic! To make your red lips the star of your look, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Winged liner always complements red lips beautifully.


Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

A few natural ingredients will transform your dull lips and make them soft and supple.


Applying Mascara

For maximum volume, this is how you should apply your mascara.


For Perfect Brows

Brows can make or break your look. Check out this simple tutorial that will help you achieve flawless brows!


Winged Liner Hack

If you struggle with winged liner, try this hack using a bobby pin.


How to Contour

Contouring and highlighting can seem intimidating at first but all it takes is a little practise.


The Basics of Highlighting

If you've always wondered where exactly highlighter should be applied, here are the answers.



If you're looking for a prom tutorial using affordable makeup products, try this gorgeous look!


Fuller Lips

You know what they say...fake it till you make it!


Cat Eye Using Dental Floss

The cat eye can take years to master. In the meantime, try using dental floss for that perfect wing.


To achieve that sharp line without frustration, simply stretch a piece of floss coated in eyeliner across your eyelid to form the wing’s angle, pressing lightly against the skin. This unconventional but genius guide will help you trace both the top and bottom of the wing, creating a crisp, symmetrical look with ease. Remember, practice makes perfect, but a little DIY creativity with everyday items can make the process smoother and, quite frankly, a bit more fun. Who knew that dental floss could be one of your best beauty tools?


How to Cover up Acne

While I highly recommend letting your skin breathe when it's unhappy, there may be times when you have to turn to the power of makeup to cover up acne and scars. This tutorial will show you how.


Color Correcting

Hate your dark circles and spots? Try color correcting under your foundation and concealer routine for flawless looking skin.


Eyeliner Styles

If you're bored of regular eyeliner styles, try these fun looks.


Reverse Contouring

Contouring may look amazing in photos but it can end up looking harsh in real life. Reverse contouring helps create a subtle look that is perfect for everyday wear.


Ombre Lips

Take your lipstick game to the next level by mastering the art of ombre lips. So cute!


Fake Lashes

Like most things makeup, applying fake lashes also needs patience and practise. This tutorial will help you get started.


Smokey Eyes

Every girl needs a go-to smokey eye look.


Using Tape for Eye Makeup

Tape is an awesome way to ensure clean lines and perfect eyeshadow.


How to Transform Thin Eyebrows

You will have to watch this transformation to believe it! The best part is that it's actually relatively easy to recreate.


For Clear Skin

Great makeup begins with great skin. Try this DIY home remedy to help improve your skin and make it glow.


Festival Makeup

Of course, every teenager needs a fun festival look!

Being a teenager is all about exploring the world and yourself. These makeup tricks are fun experiments to do until you find what methods work best for you! What other makeup tips do you have for teenagers?

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She was fine before all that heavy makeup. All she needed to demonstrate was to add some bronzer blush and lighten area around it. Maybe some mascara. This is too much. I don’t understand why girls have a pancake face full of makeup.

Thanks for showing eyeliner hacks cause applying eyeliner is difficult

I'm gonna stick to these tips

Hey can people give me pointers on how to do eyebrows and eyeliner? Im just lost with that stuff

Please don't tell desperate, pubescent teenagers to put hydrogen peroxide on their faces!

Sami G: ya it is it dries out ur face there's an article about

Don't put drops in your mascara, just throw it out after three months. The melting the eyeliner with a match is dangerous. Just buy a liquid. This isn't a good article, many things here are unsafe

Even though I already knew a little more than half of them

Nice lady

These are great tricks. But I'm not allowed to wear makeup on a daily basis (to school) I am 13

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