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If you want your face to look gorgeous, there are easy tricks for winged eyeliner. The look isn't as difficult to achieve as it seems. Sure, it can take some practice to get right, but if you know what you're doing, you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Here are some easy tricks for winged eyeliner that will make the application process way quicker:

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Tape If you have issues creating the perfect wing, then grab a piece of tape and your troubles will disappear. Line it up on your face so that you can draw your wing on the side of it and won't end up accidentally having it spill over to an area where you don't want it. This is one of the easy tricks for winged eyeliner that will guarantee a gorgeous look. Just don't use a type of tape that's too strong to remove.



Spoon You don't have to keep your silverware in the kitchen, because spoons are useful for more than just eating. Grab one in order to help you with your make-up routine. Use the handle in order to make your first line, and then use the rounded piece to make the other side of the wing. When you're done, all you have to do is fill in the area. It's that easy.


Business Card

Business Card If you can't find a spoon or a piece of tape nearby, then you can settle for a piece of paper. If you have a business card or a flyer lying around, grab it to help you make a straight line against your eye. Just watch out for paper cuts and you'll have a perfect winged look in no time.


Draw Flick toward Eye

Draw Flick toward Eye When you're creating your gorgeous new look, don't start at your outer eye and draw the flick going up. Instead, you should start in the spot where you want the flick to end. That way, you can work backwards and reduce your chances of messing up.


Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots If you have trouble getting your lines straight, draw dots on your eyelids first. Once you have them all there, you can connect them with your liner. It's a foolproof way to make sure that your lines are smooth and straight.


Pencil First

Pencil First If you're dying to use liquid liner, but are afraid of messing up, you can start with a pencil. Use the pencil to make the outline of the wings, and once you're finished, you can grab the liquid liner in order to fill it in and even go over the lines. It should keep things neater than they would be if you began with the liquid liner.



Q-Tips It's okay if you mess up. It doesn't mean that you have to start over and wipe your face clean. You can grab a few Q-tips to wipe away the spots that look messy and continue where you left off. Q-tips are the best way to fix whatever went wrong without getting rid of all of your hard work.

It's possible to make your eyeliner look amazing, even if you're not a pro at applying make-up. As long as you practice a bit and steal these tips, you should end up looking flawless. Do you have any other winged eyeliner tips?

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love it love it helped

I always use Q-tips.. Wet them alittle and remove excessive eyeliner or to correct it.

OMG this helped so much

Wow great tips

I find a thin liner brush is key to a thin stroke with a good flick

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