7 Easy Tricks for Perfect Winged Eyeliner ...

If you want your face to look gorgeous, there are easy tricks for winged eyeliner. The look isn't as difficult to achieve as it seems. Sure, it can take some practice to get right, but if you know what you're doing, you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Here are some easy tricks for winged eyeliner that will make the application process way quicker:

1. Tape

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If you have issues creating the perfect wing, then grab a piece of tape and your troubles will disappear. Line it up on your face so that you can draw your wing on the side of it and won't end up accidentally having it spill over to an area where you don't want it. This is one of the easy tricks for winged eyeliner that will guarantee a gorgeous look. Just don't use a type of tape that's too strong to remove.

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