7 Fab Tips for Applying Eyeliner for Girls Who Can't Seem to Get It Right ...


7 Fab Tips for Applying Eyeliner for Girls Who Can't Seem to Get It Right ...
7 Fab Tips for Applying Eyeliner for Girls Who Can't Seem to Get It Right ...

Tips for applying eyeliner are something that I love stumbling across. That’s because I have a hard time getting the right size line and then making sure that both eyes match. Over time and with lots of expert tips, I can usually get the job done, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to new tips for applying eyeliner. So I went on a quest to gather some of the best ones out there and I’m going to share them with you here.

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Find the Right Formulation

eyebrow, face, beauty, chin, eyelash, One of the best tips for applying eyeliner is making sure you have the right product for you. My personal preference is the standard pencil because I have more control with it. For you it might be a powder or liquid eyeliner. You’re never going to get the precise application you crave if you don’t have the eyeliner that you can get there with. Experiment to find the one you like best.


Give Yourself Some Help

eyebrow, skin, beauty, chin, lip, Getting the perfect eyeliner look can be hard, especially when you try to match each side. Some experts swear by using Scotch tape to create the template on your eyes, filling it in with eyeliner, then removing the tape. This works well for creating a dramatic look. Make your own stencils if you tend to go for such looks often.


Set the Liner

eyebrow, beauty, jewellery, chin, cheek, Eyeliner is designed to slide right on your skin, but that means it’s also easy to smudge it while you apply the rest of your make-up. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep your eyeliner in place. Simply dab it with a matching color of eyeshadow. You won’t mess with the look, but the powder will help keep the eyeliner from getting smeared all over your eyes.


Stay Close to the Lash Line

eyebrow, beauty, chin, cheek, eyelash, The best way to get just the eyeliner look you want is to keep your pencil (or whatever type you choose) as close to your lash line as possible. That means getting a very sharp point so it stays where you want it. You can do this with one continuous line or by dotting the liner between each lash, them smudging it with a cotton swab.


Don’t Go Too Thick

eyebrow, beauty, chin, cheek, lip, A really think eyeliner line won’t look that great, though a very thin one will enhance your look. A slightly thicker one works for a night out or when you want some drama, but getting too thick isn’t good. Practice your technique when you have some time so that you can perfect it before you get ready to head out.


Stay Away from Your Tear Duct

eyebrow, face, cheek, eye shadow, eyelash, Don’t get the eyeliner too close to your tear duct because that makes it more likely that it will smudge. If you cry, rub an itch, or your eyes water due to allergies, your eyeliner will get smeared and you won’t like it. Get close to your tear duct, but never put eyeliner on it. Easy enough, right?


Stay Thin on Bottom

eyebrow, face, eyelash, chin, cheek, When you line your lower lid line, make sure it is thin. You don’t want to go too thick or you risk the dreaded raccoon look. Keep the bottom line as thin as possible and make sure it connects on the outer edge of your eye with the eyeliner on top for a seamless look. Again, make sure you don’t get too near your tear duct.

I haven’t always worn eyeliner, but now that I have the method down I do it more often. Do you wear eyeliner? What are your tips for getting it right?

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I swear by tape, can't do my eyeliner without it! I use washi tape though, you can get really thin versions and it just enough that it can sit on top of foundation without peeling, or bare skin without sticking and ripping when taking off.

some of them sacred me

So it looks weird sometimes when I do eyeliner

I so needed these tips!!!! Thanks :)

So, how do you apply eyeliner when you need glasses to see what you're doing, but need to take them off to do your eye?

Love the tips!!

I love all the different shaped eyes you have used to illustrate your point nice

So where exactly is the tear duct cause that part confuses me

Great tips! 😊

I have monolids and wear glasses, so I love my eyeliner to be winged and thick!

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