7 Makeup Must-Haves when You're on a Holiday ...

Most of us can't imagine going away on a trip without our favorite makeup! Guest contributor Korie Cantor shares some amazing tips on what you should pack in your makeup bag for a fabulous holiday.

Anybody who is serious about looking good on a holiday will know that your makeup bag can be your best friend or your worst enemy! After going all wrong with my holiday makeup a couple of times and trying almost half a galaxy of makeup products to get that perfect holiday look, I have finally figured out my list of makeup must-haves when you're on a holiday...

1. Soak up the Sunscreen

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It doesn't matter where you're going and how mild you think the sun is going to be there, sunscreen is a staple for every holiday makeup bag. Even mild sunburn can be a cause of much pain and irritation and can ruin an otherwise fantastic holiday. So dabbing on a generous amount of sunscreen over all your exposed areas is a must.

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