7 Time Saving Makeup Products You Need Now ...

Applying makeup takes time and that’s something a lot of us are short on. These are 7 products that can help you save time. Some of them offer the benefits of multiple products. Some of them are for multiple but separate purposes which is helpful, too. I hope that at least one of these becomes a time-saver for you.

1. Get Coverage Faster when You Use Cover Girl OUTLAST Stay Fabulous All-in-one Foundation

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Cover Girl’s Stay Fabulous Foundation is a product that offers you many benefits. In addition to being a foundation, it also has sunscreen, primer and concealer built in. So you’re essentially getting four products in one. The sunscreen is SPF 20 so it’s a decent coverage. Using Cover Girl Stay Fabulous Foundation not only saves you time but also money, since you have to buy far less products.

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