8 Marvelous Makeup Tips for Dark Skin...


8 Marvelous Makeup Tips for Dark Skin...
8 Marvelous Makeup Tips for Dark Skin...

Searching through all of the different makeup tips for dark skin can be time consuming and so not fun! Ladies, if you have darker skin, that doesn't mean there aren't any makeup tips for dark skin out there! That's why I've compiled my top 8 marvelous and incredible makeup tips for dark skin that will really ensure that your skin shines through and your colors pop out!

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Avoid Frosty Lip Colors

The first makeup tip for dark skin all revolves around avoiding frosty lip colors. Not only will these colors be a little too over the top, but they won't do anything for your beautiful skin! Instead, go with something richer, something with more color that will highlight your lips instead of made them stand out in a negative way.


Darker Blushes

Bricks and deeper brown reds are great colors for blushes and one of the greatest makeup tips for dark skin. Blush to me is one of the most important pieces of a a makeup bag and even if you have darker skin, that's no excuse not to use a bit of blush!


Play with Eyeshadow Colors

When you have darker colored skin, it's hard to find out which colors are going to work with your skin tone. That's why playing with all sorts of different eyeshadow colors is so important! This makeup tip for dark skin is one that should be fun to try!


Don't Forget the Powder

When you have dark skin, you still want to make sure that you are powdering your face up, that way you can kick the shine out and leave your face beautiful! Just make sure that you are finding the right shade for your skin color.


Concealer to Hide Blemishes

Another makeup tip for dark skin revolves around hiding all of those pesky blemishes that we all get. Concealer is a great way to hide the blemishes and really brighten up your skin. Just make sure that you find the right shade that fits your skin tone!


Go with Good Pigmentation

When you are playing with all of those eyeshadows, one makeup tip for dark skin that you should keep in mind is the pigmentation. You want to find eyeshadow with really good pigmentation, that way it shows up beautifully on your skin!


High Quality Products

The higher the quality, the better makeup and the longer lasting makeup you will have. For me, Maybelline is my favorite brand – and it's super high quality! So ladies, go for higher quality brands over the cheap ones, it'll make all of the difference!


Don't Forget Your Eyebrows

Finally ladies, the last makeup tips for dark skin is the eyebrows. Whether you are using an eyebrow pencil or you are just tweezing a natural arch, you've got to make sure that you remember your eyebrows!

There you have it ladies, all of my makeup tips for dark skin that will help you look your best! So ladies, what other makeup tips for dark skin do you have? Give it up!

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I actually think that color looks beautiful against the models skin tone.So next

I feel like 1, 2, & 6 were the only ones that really spoke to women of color, and even they were kinda general. These were wonderful tips, but didn't seem to be solely targeted towards dark skinned women/women of color. Makes the title kinda misleading.

The images of those women aren't dark skin.

this is not necessarily just for darker skinned ladies as i had hoped it would be. the suggestions are rather general..

Great! thx

Hmm. As a woman of color I think a lot of things can work that are on this list. It's not that they won't look flattering, we just have to apply it differently. Or take extra steps in which we apply. Our skin tone isn't a limitation.

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