8 Cringe-Worthy Makeup Trends Ever ...


8 Cringe-Worthy Makeup Trends Ever ...
8 Cringe-Worthy Makeup Trends Ever ...

We’ve seen a lot of makeup trends throughout the years and I’d just like to remind you of how far we’ve come with 8 of the worst makeup ever! You might’ve even loved one of these looks at one time and rocked the hell out of it but these days, these makeup trends just won’t fly! Take a stroll down beauty memory lane with me and let’s be sure we don’t repeat our mistakes!

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Electric Blue Eye Shadow

Electric Blue Eye Shadow Bright blue eye shadow has got to be one on the worst makeup trends ever! I’m not talking a navy blue smoky eye or something subtle and sexy; I’m talking bright blue eye frosty eyelids straight from the 1980’s! All women who were of makeup wearing age are probably guilty of committing this crime of cosmetics but thankfully we got over it and we finally moved past this blindingly bright trend!


This makeup mishap not only washed out complexions with its unnatural hue but also proved unforgiving to nearly every skin tone under the sun. It screamed attention—and not in a good way. Although it may have been the height of fashion at one point, gleaming cyan lids now hark back to a time of sartorial mistakes we'd rather not repeat. It's clear that this over-the-top trend wore out its welcome, and most are relieved to see it buried deep in the beauty archives, hopefully never to resurface on the contemporary beauty scene.


Black Lip Liner

Black Lip Liner The black lip liner look was prevalent in the early 90’s and is definitely deserves a spot on the list of worst makeup ever! Whether you were a wannabe gangsta or just liked the look of pale lips and black rimmed lips, it wasn’t pretty either way! Lip liner can still be a big no-no if your lips are really obviously lined so make sure you avoid this blast from the past and stick to shades close to your lipstick!


Boldly contrasted with the lighter hues often used on lips themselves, the black lip liner trend was one that seemed to contend beauty standards with its harshness and lack of subtlety. It screamed rebellion for some, while others found it a regrettable choice when looking back on old photos. Today, the modern approach to lip lining favors a more natural look, with liners that blend seamlessly into the lipstick for a cohesive pout. So, let's give a hard pass to the stark outlines and embrace the softer, more blended edges that flatter rather than frighten.



Guyliner Oh man, guyliner was another popular 80’s makeup staple that is still alive and well today but is still absolutely one of the worst trends in makeup! I don’t care how hot you thought Pete Wentz looked with his lined eyes, guyliner is no bueno! Isn’t anything sacred anymore?! If you’re not rocking a whole face of makeup, leave the eyeliner to the experts fellas!


Despite its polarizing reputation, guyliner has had its moments of glory shimmering in the limelight, especially when it's done with a deft touch. Some of the rock legends and movie heartthrobs we've all sighed over have worked that look with an effortless edge that shook the very foundations of traditional beauty standards. But let's face it, for the average Joe, it often veers toward makeup mishap rather than sultry statement. So gents, unless you're channeling your inner rock god or hitting a Halloween bash, you might want to think twice before reaching for that kohl pencil.


Frosted Lips

Frosted Lips There are a lot of 80’s trends on this list of the worst makeup ever but can you blame me?! The 80’s were awesome but looking back, the makeup wasn’t all that! Frosted lip gloss and lip stick make most people look freezing cold and sick so it’s really a surprise that it was so popular back in the day! I realize there are still frosted lipsticks and they are very pretty but these are a stark difference from the frosty lips of yesteryear!


That's right, while today's icy shades have a more subtle glitter or a light-catching sheen, the 1980s versions often had a heavy metallic or shimmer finish that could overpower the whole face. In hindsight, they gave off more of a frozen tundra vibe than a sultry look. And honestly, unless you're going for a themed party or an ice queen costume, frosted lipstick is probably best left in the vault of bygone beauty blunders. Those who dare to dabble in the frosted look now should aim for a gentle wash of shimmer rather than a full-on arctic blast.


Sharpie Eyebrows

Sharpie Eyebrows Sharpie eyebrows or brows that are drawn on way too thin are another one of the worst makeup trends ever! Thankfully fuller brows are hot so we don’t have to worry about this trend making a comeback anytime soon. Drawing on or having super thin brows isn’t flattering at all so even if you have naturally thin brows like myself, make sure you use a light hand and fill in brows.


This beauty faux pas is not only outdated but also gives off a harsh and unnatural vibe. Back in the day, the sharpie look may have been all the rage, but today's trends celebrate the natural arch and fullness of our brows. Don't let old habits dictate your makeup routine. Opt for a brow product that matches your hair color and skin tone for a softer, more natural effect. It's all about enhancing what you've got, not drawing attention with artificial lines. Remember, less is more when it comes to perfect brows.


Bronzer Overload

Bronzer Overload I love bronzer and contour as much as the next chick but thick bronzer all over your face is becoming more common and it’s one of the worst makeup trends! I’m talking an oompa loompa orange faces that look unnatural and unhealthy! Celebs are even guilty of this trend so don’t feel bad if you’ve ever left the house with way too much bronzer on, I know I have!


It's absolutely fine to give your skin a sun-kissed glow, but caking on a Carlita's Coaster of bronze or orange is definitely taking it too far. Remember, less is more when it comes to bronzer, and it should enhance, not mask your natural tone. Aim for a product one or two shades darker than your skin, and apply it lightly on areas where the sun naturally hits. Let's bring back the subtle glow and bid farewell to looking like a baked terra-cotta figurine. And for heaven's sake, blend, blend, blend to avoid those dreaded streaks and lines.


Black Lipstick

Black Lipstick Black lipstick is definitely one of my least favorite looks and another one of the worst makeup ever! Sure it looks cool and edgy on the runway or on celebs but for us regular folks, it’s definitely not something we should walk out the door wearing on an everyday basis! Let’s save black lipsticks for photoshoots and Hollywood and stick to less morbid colors!


Spider Leg Mascara

Spider Leg Mascara Okay, so spider leg mascara might be more of a mistake rather than one of the worst trends in makeup, but it still rears its ugly head on occasion! Spider leg mascara is a result of applying too much mascara or waiting until your coats of mascara dries then loading up resulting in a very clumpy and spidery look. Remember to always apply thin coats of mascara and don’t allow them to dry before reapplying!

Were you guilty of wearing one of the looks in the 8 worst makeup ever? I know I am, I was fearless with makeup when I first started wearing it so I was quite reckless at times! What is your idea of one of the worst makeup trends? Any makeup trends you regret wearing?

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its really funny to read an article about how blue eyeshadow isnt cool anymore when its right next to an ad for bright blue eyeshadow(maybelline eye tattoo).

i agree on everything exept guyliner but hey thats just my opinion

I know people that wear the blue eyeshadow and blacklipstick on an almost daily basis. Some are are "alternative" models, and others work at makeup counters like MAC. I guess it's dependant on style and work choice.

well damn the writer of this would probably want to run me over with their car ~__~ i find a majority of these to be really cool. the first one, blue eyeshadow. that girl's makeup is astoundingly beautiful. how could someone dislike blue shadow when she used it so beautifully.

Foundation or powder way to light for your skin tone. Remember the whole twilight vampire craze. Oh man 1/2 the ppl looked like they were living dead with the dark eyes, lipstick and then super pale foundation. Not good. Pretty and kinda cool on Halloween but come on every day?

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