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7 Natural Eye Makeup Ideas to Try ...

By Heather

It's summer ladies and with summer comes lightening up the makeup, including natural eye makeup ideas! Recently, I ditched the heavy makeup and the eyeshadow and just went with a lot of natural eye makeup. I wanted to keep it light, keep it cool and make sure that nothing runs. So girls, you ready to explore some natural eye makeup ideas with me?

1 Warm Tones

Warm TonesWarm tones such as browns, ivories and golds are all great colors to use in the summer and they can really make your eyes appear natural and beautiful! This natural eye makeup idea is one of my favorites. In fact, the other day, I discovered that gold was one of my favorite summer colors! What's yours?

2 Smudged Eyeliner

Smudged EyelinerNot looking to wear a ton of makeup? Why not just smudge a bit of your eyeliner! I promise, it will not only look great, but it'll also help your eyes really pop and bring out the color, no matter what color it is! I use this trick when I really don't feel like reapplying my eyeliner after a long day at work. It's such a great and natural eye makeup idea!

3 Brown Eyeliner

Brown EyelinerBrown eyeliner is one of the greatest and easiest ways to be a little more natural. Honestly, all you need is just a line of brown eyeliner and you'll see just how different your eye colors looks – no matter what type of eye color you have!

4 Eyelash Curler

Eyelash CurlerWant to ditch the mascara for the day and head to the beach, but still have your eyelashes look beautiful? Try an eyelash curler! The curler will not only make your eyelashes stand out, but it will also make it look like you are wearing mascara!

5 Liquid Highlighter

Liquid HighlighterUsing a liquid highlighter is actually one of the greatest ways to highlight your eyes but not put on too much makeup. This is totally one of the natural eye makeup ideas that I use all of the time, especially if I'm heading to the beach!

6 Thin Lines

Thin LinesEyeliner in the summertime doesn't have to be thick, in fact, it can be really, really thin. This is one of the natural eye makeup ideas that I use to actually cut down on the time that I spend on my makeup! For me, I do just a thin line that follows my lash line and it works beautifully!

7 No Smokey Eyes

No Smokey EyesWhen it comes to the summer, there is no need for smoky eyes at all! Why put all of that makeup on when it could just sweat off? Forget about the smokey eyes ladies and just go for some natural eye makeup!

There you have it! All of the natural eye makeup ideas that I plan on using this summer. Do you have any other natural eye makeup ideas that you've used for summer? How do you beat the heat ladies?

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