Makeup Tips for the Cold Weather ...

Fall is here and winter is hot on its heels. That means that the days are getting colder and harsher. That means you’ve got to switch up your skincare and makeup routine so that you can stay looking your hottest self despite the dipping mercury. Wondering how to do your makeup for cold weather? I was too, and I’m going to share everything I found out with you. Here’s to a fall of looking gorgeous every single day.

1. Mix Moisturizer into Your Foundation to Cover Dry Patches

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Foundation does a great job of evening your skin tone and helping your complexion look dewy and fresh. However, if you have flaky or dry skin, it settles into the cracks and fissures, making the problem look worse than it is. Try mixing a 1:1 combination of your favorite foundation with your favorite moisturizer. The foundation will cover and the moisturizer will alleviate dryness. Perfect!

2. Wear a Thick Salve to Protect Your Skin and Makeup

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A salve protects your skin from the cold, biting wind, helping keep your face from becoming red and chapped. The salve will create a barrier between your skin and the elements. Make sure you choose one that won’t remove your makeup when you rub it on.

3. Wear Green Tinted Products to Counteract Redness

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If your skin is routinely red during the cold months, you need green tinted products to counteract the redness. Concealer or foundation with a green tint is the perfect choice. Green and red are on opposite sides of the color wheel, which means the green will help hide the redness. You can also use green tinted moisturizer if you don’t wear foundation.

4. Wear Waterproof Eye Makeup so It Stays Put All Day Long

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Cold weather and a frigid wind can make your eyes water, which can make your mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow runny. To prevent this from happening, choose waterproof eye makeup. When you wear the water resistant formulas, you ensure that watery eyes aren’t causing a mess on your face.

5. Apply a Mask to Your Face the Night before Makeup

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If you plan to apply your makeup in the morning, a good facial mask can help prevent flakes and give you a flawless slate for your cosmetics. You want a hydrating facial mask that will fill your skin with moisture so that it remains healthy and plumped up, which translates to gorgeous looking skin all day, every day.

6. Set Your Makeup with a Layer of Translucent Powder

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Do you go to the all the work of putting on your makeup only to find it all rubbed off on your coat and scarf when you get to work? Keep this from ever happening again by setting your look with translucent powder. This will help hold your cosmetics in place and keep them off your favorite winter accessories.

7. Wear a Nice Pinky Color of Blush

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I don’t know about you but my skin tends to look washed out and pale in the cold months. You can hide this fact from the world by wearing a pinky blush on the apples of your cheeks. The right color will give you that healthy glow you love and only takes a few seconds to get just right.

What fall makeup tips can you add to this list?

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