It's Finally Time for You to Breakup with Your Makeup ...


It's Finally Time for You to Breakup with Your Makeup ...
It's Finally Time for You to Breakup with Your Makeup ...

Sometimes you need to breakup with your makeup. There can be several reasons to do this. Even the most die-hard beauty lover needs a change at times. Let’s talk about some reasons you might consider making this change.

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It’s Breaking You out

If your makeup is breaking you out then it needs to go. Whether it’s a rash or acne, toss it or pass it on to a friend that can use it. Acne is a frustrating enough skin condition without using products that make the condition worse. There’re makeup options that’re formulated especially for acne sufferers. A few brands to try that are generally skin friendly are Covergirl, Clinique and Neutrogena.


The Shade is off

Sometimes you notice that your makeup doesn’t look as good as it used to. Most of us have a change in the shade of our skin when seasons change . I recently noticed that my foundation that matched perfectly in the summer is now just a slight bit too dark. It happens. Switch to a shade that does match and tuck the other one back for when it matches again.


It’s the Wrong Formula for Your Skin Type

It can be difficult to figure out the correct formula for your skin type. Makeup labels can be confusing, to say the least! If you’ve got dry skin then look for a foundation that has words in the description like luminous, moisturizing or creamy formula. If oily skin is your issue then look for words like matte, shine control or clean finish. If you still feel confused then ask for help at the makeup counter.


It’s out of Your Price Range

The first three reasons to break up with your makeup centered around reasons for changing your foundation but the rest of these points can apply to any makeup product. If your makeup is out of your price range then it may be time for a change. If you can’t make rent then resist treating yourself to Tom Ford eyeliner. Scale back to a cheaper brand, at least temporarily. While luxury makeup is a treat, don’t let it put you in a financial hard spot.


You’re Bored with It

You may be bored with your makeup. If you’re wearing the same shade of lipstick you’ve worn for three years then it may be time to change it up. Part of the fun of makeup is all the different looks you can create. Don’t limit yourself to the same look every day. You can stick to what works and still have freedom within that option. For example, maybe you look best in berry lipstick but there’s room for more than one or two shades of berry to play with there.


Your Makeup Style Isn’t up to Trend

Makeup trends change. It’s possible to look in the mirror and realize you’re in a makeup rut. In fact, we all feel that way from time to time. When it happens to you then acknowledge you need some fresh inspiration. Check out recent trends and do a little shopping to update your look. Watching makeup tutorials can be helpful in tweaking your makeup application techniques, too.


Staying abreast of the latest looks doesn't mean overhauling your entire beauty routine. Sometimes, it's about adding a pop of color or embracing that bold new lipstick shade that's all the rage. But don't feel pressured to follow every trend—find what resonates with you and your personal style. Remember, makeup is a form of self-expression and should make you feel confident and beautiful. So, embrace change, experiment with new techniques and products, and most importantly, have fun with it!


It’s Not Flattering

Women are all unique. What looks good on one may not look good on another. For example, I know that warm, bronzy colors are never going to be my friend. They’re gorgeous but my skin is just too fair and cool toned to pull them off and I’ve had to learn that from trial and error. When you realize that your makeup isn’t doing you any favors then break up with it and find some that does work for you.

These’re 7 reasons it may be time to break up with your makeup. What was the last makeup product you broke up with? I love talking makeup with you!

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It's hurts when you have to throughout foundation that's the wrong shade haha. I have a white mixer when the shade is off but I hate making that mistake. Foundations need bigger shade ranges

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