7 Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses ...


Not everyone is able to or even wants to switch from wearing glasses to having contacts. Many people are perfectly happy with their glasses, but could use some makeup tips to make life a bit easier for them. Here are 7 makeup tips for those who wear glasses. Your appearance is altered when you put on a pair of glasses. These tips will give you some ideas on how to work around these necessities.

7. Groom Eyebrows Now and then

You don’t have to go all out and wax your eyebrows until they disappear. However, a set of well-groomed eyebrows can enhance your appearance. Take out some of the middle of that uni-brow to keep it from blending with your frames or thin out the bushy sections of your eyebrows to keep them from getting caught in the hinges on the ear pieces of your glasses.

Darken Lips when You Have Thick Frames
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