7 Makeup Tricks for Different Face Shapes ...

It's important to consider various makeup tricks for different face shapes because not every makeup look or style looks good on every person. What may look good and help define a square face is not necessarily what will work for an oval face. Pay attention to your own individual feature, ladies! Your face can look its best with just a few simple tricks individualized for your features. Check out this list of makeup tricks for different face shapes:

1. Oval Faces

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Starting off this list of makeup tricks for different face shapes are tricks for oval faces. An oval face has a forehead that is a bit wider than the chin. Just about any makeup look will flatter an oval face, but certain tricks are more flattering than others. Because an oval face is naturally contoured. heavy contouring is unnecessary. Instead, define your already beautiful features with bronzer in the shape of a "3" on both sides. This means starting at the forehead, coming in to the cheekbones, and finishing off beneath the chin,

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