8 Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes ...


If you've been cursed with short lashes, it's hard to find the right mascara tips for short eyelashes isn't it? Well girls, I know the feeling of having short lashes and I'm here to give you the top 8 mascara tips for short eyelashes that will really make your eyelashes look long and beautiful! So girls, you ready to explore my top 8 mascara tips for short eyelashes to gain that length?

1. Use an Eyelash Curler

First and foremost girls, you've got to use that eyelash curler! I know, I know, I hate using it too, but this mascara tip for short eyelashes works! Eyelash curlers actually will curl your eyelashes upward and make them appear longer. The trick is to use the eyelash curler before you use your mascara. Remember that!

Lengthening Mascara
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