7 Must Haves for New Makeup Users ...

If you’re entering the world of makeup for the first time it’s hard to know what the must haves for new makeup users are. There are so many products and tools out there and once you’ve become more experienced with makeup, you’ll find yourself curious to try all these products. However, we should begin with the basics. Here are my suggestions for must haves for new makeup users

1. Foundation

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Regardless if you have acne-prone skin or a fairly good complexion, foundation is a one of the must haves for new makeup users! Foundation “smoothes” out your complexion and covers redness, blotchiness and dark spots. Most importantly, foundation creates a uniform canvas on your face so that the colours of your eye shadows, blush, bronzers, etc... can be more true to the colour you see in their packaging as well as stand out more against your skin tone. Look for foundations closest to your skin tone that have SPF in them and are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes and GMOs.

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