7 Sapphire Blue Beauty Products for Your Makeup Bag ...

Blue beauty products may be intimidating to some, but almost everyone looks good with some pops of blue in their beauty routine. Shades of blue that resemble sapphires are a gorgeous and trendy choice for winter. If you’re looking to incorporate this wintry shade this season, give these 7 blue beauty products a try.

1. Nars – Single Eye Shadow in Outremer

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What better place to start with blue beauty products than your eyes? Blue looks great with every eye color, but it is especially guaranteed to make brown eyes pop. You can use Nars Outremer in the outer corners of your eyes to create a smoky look that will make your eyes shine. For a subtler statement, use Outremer along your lashes for a simple sapphire splash. Visit narscosmetics.com to purchase Outremer for $24.

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