7 of My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products for around Five Dollars ...


7 of My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products for around Five Dollars ...
7 of My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products for around Five Dollars ...

All of us love to find quality drugstore makeup products without having to spend a fortune on them. I am truly a dedicated beauty junkie so I am very qualified to write this for you. I love makeup and love to try new products. By doing this, I have found some of the best finds in drugstore makeup products for around five dollars.

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick This has actually become my favorite lipstick, and it comes in as my most favorite in the whole category of drugstore makeup products. It is creamy and glides on smoothly. It also stays put well. Everyone is different in their taste in lipstick colors but my favorite shades from this Revlon line are Pink In The Afternoon and Sassy Mauve. This lipstick sells for right around five dollars.


Rimmel London BB Cream

Rimmel London BB Cream This BB cream glides on to give an even and adequate coverage. BB creams are a sheerer coverage than traditional foundation. They are a great option for days you don’t want to use the precision a foundation requires. BB cream also boasts many benefits for your skin including minimizing pores and who doesn’t want that? It also primes, moisturizes and protects, among other benefits.


Maybelline Expertwear Eye Shadow Quad

Maybelline Expertwear Eye Shadow Quad I love these little eye shadow quads. And they roll in right under five dollars which makes them an extremely valuable little purchase. To purchase four colors in eye shadow from a higher end cosmetics line would easily cost you four to five times more, at least. This eye shadow stays in place 14+ hours and is easy to blend. My favorite in this line is mocha motion.


Cover Girl Flamed out Mascara

Cover Girl Flamed out Mascara Okay, I am cheating here just a little, little bit but I think you will forgive me. This mascara comes in at $5.94 at Walmart but it is well worth the extra 94 cents. This mascara works beautifully and coats every lash from the beginning to the end of your lash line. It has a unique brush that coats well and catches every single lash. In addition, it is beautifully packaged in a red tube.


Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer

Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer This little tube of concealer has a perfect consistency. It is moist enough to glide but thick enough to stay in place. It does cover blemishes beautifully. What I most use it for is dark under eye circles and it makes a remarkable difference. A little hint I am going to throw in for free, if you want you concealer to stay in place, apply it after your foundation but under your loose powder.


Nivea a Kiss of Berry Lip Care

Nivea a Kiss of Berry Lip Care I love, love, love this little tube of lip care I got for around three dollars. It has lasted forever and feels wonderful on my lips. It is smooth and silky. I often wear a hint of it over top of my lipstick for the moisture it offers. I find myself grabbing it on days I do not have lipstick on for the smooth feel and hint of color it gives me.


Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner It would seem as if I really like Rimmel products, does it not? This last product on the list is an eyeliner that has all the things I love in an eyeliner. It meets my requirements. It is soft and not difficult to apply. It goes on easily and is easy to manipulate into the specific look you want.

Although it takes some trial and error, you can find quality makeup products for around five dollars. Now it’s time to share your secrets. What drugstore makeup products have stolen your heart?

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Hi, KellyAnn! I shop mostly at Wal-Mart. It may be that the prices here are a little lower since I live in such a rural area. I also shop on ebay a lot. Hope this helps, dear!

Baby Lips!

I ADORE Nivea!!!!

I have never seen any of these products for $5 (unless there's a sale) except for the Nivea. Where are you shopping?

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