10 Beauty Mistakes Girls with Glasses Make and How to Avoid Them ...


Wearing glasses means that you need to approach your makeup a little differently. Certain tricks and techniques can help make sure glasses donโ€™t distract from your gorgeous face. With this knowledge, your glasses will look like the accessory they are rather than a focal point that distracts from your face. Theseโ€™re the makeup mistakes to avoid if you wear glasses.

1. Neglecting Your Eyebrows

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You may think your eyebrows arenโ€™t as important when you wear glasses but theyโ€™re actually more so. Your eyebrows are the frame to your face and they always need attention. Neglecting them can make them look sparser than they truly are. You donโ€™t want your face to look like it begins at your glasses. Make sure you shape and fill in your brows and youโ€™ll see a huge difference.

Skipping under Eye Concealer
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