8 New Smoky Eye Looks ...


8 New Smoky Eye Looks ...
8 New Smoky Eye Looks ...

Smoky eyes are an eye makeup classic that is elegant for a night out, sexy for a day of partying and sensual on worn with the latest glamorous wear. No other eye shadow trick does it better than the smoky eyes to enhance the beauty of a Fashionista’s eyes. The dependable classic has been enriched with variations for a new thrill. Read my list of the top 7 new smoky eye looks for when you’re feeling in the mood for something different.

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Shimmery Beauty

The essence of the smoky eyes is dark eyeshadow around the eyes with a lot of smudging. Give a modern take by dusting on a metallic shimmer over the eyeshadow. The end look is edgy and sultry.


Neutral Eyes

Maybe you don’t have the skin tone, or black eyeshadow doesn’t appeal to you - try eyeshadow in darker shades of brown and nude. Choose an eyeshadow with a luminous quality for a fantastic aura that is subtle and seductive.


Rich Colors


Beautiful colors like purple, blue and greens are the perfect colors to create a bright flare that gives your eyes flair. For a rich effect, darken the eyelids to an almost lustrous texture while the outer edges are hazy. The sexy shine is amplified if you mix two different shades of blue.


Smoky Wings

If one morning you’re torn between the cat eye and the smoky eye to look amazing for the day, how about going for a mix of both? Use a blend of silver and black to achieve the desired result. First, brush the black smoky shadow in a wing shape on your lids, after which you apply a metallic grey shadow from the inside to the center of the lid for a silver finish.


Alluring Stare

The eyeshadow of choice is lavender grey, which is brushed across the lids and smudged slightly. Then, rim the eyes with a light dark eyeshadow for definition. Finally, give your eyes a look of intensity by dabbing a golden taupe on the corners.


Silver Goddess

Silvery blue or any kind of light color with a silver hue can transform your face. Silvery blue is perfect for a delicate radiance to porcelain features. Diffuse it in a natural tone over your eyelids in sweeping arcs, particularly if you’re drawing cat eyes. Thicken it on the upper lid and thin on the lower lids. Go for elegant and charming by selecting a color which is vibrant but muted.


Subtle Smoky Eyes

Maybe you are a reserved kind of girl, and want to flaunt the smoky eyes without it being too obvious. Get the show-stopper smoky eyes without too much application of makeup. You need an eyeshadow kit featuring three customized shades, in symphony of colors that can be blended on your eye lids. The eyeshadows must suit the color of your eyes and your skin tone. Take the darkest color and apply it to your lids, blending till the crease. Add the medium shade onto the crease, merging with the first shade. The lighter shade of the kit is swept across the surrounding area. Some women dab it in the inner corners of the eyes, to look alert and cheery eyed. The entire look should be understated, as you are going for subtle.


Reflective Smoky Eyes

Take a nude eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer, which is spread across your eye lids, basically cover your eye lids in the nude shimmer. It should beautifully reflect the light. Next, use a light vanilla, heavy with the shimmer and with a smooth finish that can be easily mixed with the nude base. Brush a heavy dose on the inner corner of your eye to the outer end. Line the lower part of your eyelids with it to complete the effect. Next, is the accents, which are two companion colors, a darker magenta, and its lighter, shimmery sister. Create the typical smoky eyes side ‘V’ on the corner of your eyes and fill it in with the darker magenta. Particularly, make it darker on your crease, so the bright color is really showy. Blend the lighter color over the darker color and lightly add it to the reflective surface. Use liquid eyeliner to create a winged eye liner look. Definition is very important.

So ladies, if you've been excited about trying new smoky eyes, here they are! A new, and fantastic list of amazing smoky eyes that are a modern and sophisticated improvement on the classic. Which one will you be trying out these days? I would love to hear your tips.

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