7 of Bobbi Brown's Best Makeup Products ...

It seems virtually impossible to think of a small list of Bobbi Brown’s best makeup products, especially since that woman knows beauty better than anyone. However, she definitely has some pretty strong contenders that outshine the others. Bobbi Brown is like the Queen of cosmetics and has created some of the most game-changing beauty items. Whenever she comes out with a new product, it’s like Christmas all over again. Check out my list of Bobbi Brown’s best makeup products and see for yourself!

1. Bronze Shimmer Brick

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The Shimmer Brick is undoubtedly one of Bobbi Brown’s best makeup products, and rightfully so. The bricks come in 4 different tones, such as Pink, Rose, and Beige, along with the Bronze Brick featured here. The strips of color can either be used individually or swirled together with a brush when applied to your face. This product delivers the best sheen and highlight to your face without being sparkly or “cheap” looking.

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