7 Primers for Perfect Eyeshadow ...

A makeup artist trick that many women don't know about is eyeshadow primers! There's nothing worse than doing a fantastic look and then having your eyeshadow fade after a couple of hours. Well, say goodbye to that! With these eyeshadow primers, your makeup will stay on, and stay gorgeous!

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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One of the most common eyeshadow primers I see used, and for good reason! Too Faced's Shadow Insurance is my absolute favorite. It provides a nice base for your shadow, and isn't too messy or gloopey, which is the problem you can run into with other primers. It's extremely easy to blend into your skin, and it's my go to primer for any look! It's available online and in-stores at both ULTA and Sephora for around $20.00.

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