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7 Season's Hottest Eye Makeup Trends for Perfect Fall Selfies ...

By Lisa

If you want to up your selfie game this season, it’s key to stay on top of the top beauty and style trends. Eye makeup is one of the best ways to show off your makeup skills, show off your dazzling eyes, and even start new beauty trends! Before you start uploading new selfies to your social media accounts this season, be sure to scroll through these hot eye makeup trends to give you some inspiration for your next selfie. We know you’re going to get tons of likes!

1 Fierce Graphic Eyeliner

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, person,Graphic eyeliners are typically seen on fashion runways and don't exactly translate well to everyday life, but we found a much more wearable solution, graphic cat eyes! Instead of the same old cat eye, bring the flick up along the crease of your lid and stop at the center for a fresh take on a retro look. You can also have some more fun with this look by utilizing colored eyeliner. Pair this graphic eye makeup look with a nude lip and neatly combed brows.

2 Kaleidoscope Eyes

hair, human hair color, color, pink, face,This look was made for Instagram! Kaleidoscope eye makeup pairs glitter, color, and texture for an edgy look that looks even better close up. Get creative with pigments and eye shadow colors and use a matching or contrasting glitter to create a gorgeous wash of color on your lids with glitter details that were made for selfies.

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3 Glitter Tears

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, blue,Kaleidoscope eyes uses fine glitter on your lash line but this look understandably uses it on your water line and below for a fun, unexpected look. Apply some glitter glue, you can find lots of brands who make this like Too Faced or Ben Nye, and apply chunky glitter in coordinating colors to create beautiful tears of joy! Perfect for close-up photos that’ll show off your gorgeous eyes.

4 Smoky Copper Eyes

hair, face, clothing, black hair, nose,Coppers, browns, reds, and oranges are undeniably the most popular colors of the fall season. For a fresh take on the classic smoky eye, use something like copper or burnt orange to create a colorful yet fall-appropriate look. To kick things up a notch, use black eyeshadow in the outer V of your eye to add some dimension to the look.

5 Bold Liner

hair, clothing, afro, hairstyle, black hair,Another fresh fall look for your eyes is to use a bold pop of color on your lash line. This might seem like more of a summer look but if you’re just not quite ready to say goodbye to the bright colors of summer, this is perfect for you. Use a bright orange, yellow, blue, green, or violet matte liner on the lash liner and instantly brighten up your face!

6 Glossy Eyes

hair, human hair color, blond, face, black hair,Rocking glossy lids was never my thing because I have super oily skin so basically I could recreate the look by 3pm every day without fail. This look is much different. MAC’s Eye Glosses come in a range of colors and you’ll be looking like a model in a high fashion editorial in no time. If you’re not too keen on the texture of eye gloss, which many find to be too sticky, try a cream eyeshadow to get the same gleam and pigment.

7 Lived-in Makeup

hair, color, face, eyebrow, blue,If you’ve ever accidentally gone to bed without removing your makeup, you know how you can sometimes wake up with slept-in, perfectly smudged eye makeup. This is another take on that look, you end up with the same results but this time, you did it on purpose. Basically, you want a super smudgy look so you’ll apply a soft, creamy dark eye pencil along with some eye shadows like black or gray around your entire eye and blend for a diffused, stained look.

There are so many ways to show your creativity and skill with these fresh fall looks! Your makeup will be picture perfect and your selfies will be perfectly on–trend.

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