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Finding the very best makeup tips for very dark skin is difficult! Either you are finding makeup tips for very dark skin that just don't work for you or they are designed for lighter-skinned girls. Well, I've done my research, girlfriends, and I've found some of the best makeup tips for very dark skin that actually work and will make you and your skin look flawless! So, you ready to dive in and see what makeup tips I've come up with?

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Avoid Makeup That is Too Light

Avoid Makeup That is Too Light One of the biggest makeup tips for very dark skin that I learned was, you've got to stay away from makeup that is super, super light. It can actually make your skin look a bit chalky and nobody wants that! Go for colors that are just a little bit darker or even mid-dark.


Use a Yellow-Based Foundation

Use a Yellow-Based Foundation If you've been dying to figure out exactly what foundation is going to work for you, yellow-based foundation is the best! It'll make sure that your foundation disappears into your skin and that you don't see any visible boundary between the foundation and your skin. Trust me on this, girlfriends, you want to give this one a try!


Earth Tones Are Great

Earth Tones Are Great Some of the very best colors for your lips when you are a very dark-skinned woman are earth tones! These colors look stunning and can actually make your lips stand out beautifully! You also want to make sure that you are choosing a lip liner that is close to the shade of lipstick or lip gloss that you have on. That way, you don't see the lip liner at all!


Shimmery & Metallic Eye Shadows Are Amazing

Shimmery & Metallic Eye Shadows Are Amazing While you might want to avoid light colors, you do want to go with some shimmery and metallic eye shadows! These colors and their shimmer and shine are ideal for your eyes and can actually add a bit of glam and drama! You can go with colors like purple and gold to really amp up the drama!


Shimmer on the Cheekbones

Shimmer on the Cheekbones Truth be told, if you are looking for a way to highlight your cheeks but don't exactly want to use a lot of bronzer, get some shimmer and shine on your cheekbones! You can buy a blush that has shimmer in it or your powder could have it in there! The shimmer will highlight the very best of your cheekbones and will add some drama!


Pinks & Dark Burgundy Add Glam

Pinks & Dark Burgundy Add Glam If you really want to amp up the glam on your lips, dark burgundy and even some beautiful pinks on your lips will do that for you! Ladies, just swipe some beautiful lipstick or lip gloss on those lovely lips and paint the town red! This is definitely one for a night out with the girls!


Accentuate Eyes with Brown/Black Eyeliner

Accentuate Eyes with Brown/Black Eyeliner Finally, the last bit of advice that I have when it comes to some beautiful makeup tips for very dark skin all revolves around black and brown eyeliner. These two eyeliners can make your eyes really stand out beautifully and these two colors go flawlessly with your skin!

So girlies, now that you know exactly what makeup tips are out there for you, do you have any more that you love? Do you have any more that you've tried and worked? Share 'em!

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My bestie has very dark skin and often uses deep navy eyeliner/shadows. It always looks fantastic, blue and brown are opposite on the colour wheel so they enhance each other

Your tips are really useful but when I search something on dark skin I only find makeup tips I think that this rubric should be more rich

Thank you. There are some really good tips.

Thank you for this article... I love my skin tone and I love ways to accent it!!!

Very helpful...:)

everything is so trueee. I follow mosy of this and I always look great

Um-kay. Thanks for taking a stab at this but one of the pics had a sister looking like Lil Black Salvo and maaaaybe allwomenstalk would have been better off with an ACTUAL woman of color authoring this piece. But.. um, yeah. Good try.

Dont you have tips for olive color skin. I finde it very hard to finde any tips of that, May be because there isn't Much People in the West with This color

Thank you so much for writing this! It's nice to see an article that reps us

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