7 Signs Your Makeup is Aging You and What to do to Fix It ...


7 Signs Your Makeup is Aging You and What to do to Fix It ...
7 Signs Your Makeup is Aging You and What to do to Fix It ...

Believe it or not, no matter how young you are, your makeup can actually cause you to look older and some simple signs that your makeup is aging you are sure ways to tell if this is the case. Sure, when we were 15, we wanted to look older than we were, to impress all those high school boys, right? Well, when you get into your mid-twenties or so, you’re not so much into creating your makeup to make you look older than you are, or at least I’m not! Yet, time and time again, women design their makeup in a way that makes them look incredibly older than they are, without even realizing it. If you’re not sure whether your makeup is causing you to look older, just take a look at these 7 simple signs that your makeup is aging you. They’re all sure fire ways to tell if you’re adding years to your face without even realizing it.

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Your Eyes Look Wrinkled

One of the main and simple signs that your makeup is aging you, is if your eyes look especially wrinkled after you apply makeup, and your lines seem more prominent, no matter how much cosmetic material you apply. This is one mistake that women often make that makes them look older than they are. You don’t need more makeup to hide your fine lines, but instead, you just need to know how to properly apply it. Experts say that before you apply makeup, you should apply a primer, which evens out skin tone and fills in fine lines. I like primers by Estee Lauder myself, but there are many out there to experiment with. Then, apply a cream foundation, not powder, since powders can set in fine lines and create a really dry appearance that also sets further into the skin, making lines look more pronounced. The same goes with your eyeshadow. Use a concealer first on your eyelids, then apply a cream shadow. It will lighten your eyes with the concealer, and applying a nice creamy finish on your eyelids will help brighten them up, without the shadow sinking into your fine lines.


Your Skin Looks Cakey

If your makeup looks like it is sitting like a layer on top of your skin, that’s not a good thing! Many women try to wear more makeup to hide signs of aging, but this can cause it to look cakey and over the course of the day, extremely worn and cakey, or even oily. You don’t want your makeup to look like an extra accessory you’re wearing, but instead, it needs to look natural, smooth and flawless. I realize this sounds easier than it is, but the trick is all in finding the right product and only applying a little bit so it doesn’t look cakey, which ages you dramatically. I’ve found BB cream tends to be the best product so far for accomplishing this task.


Your Skin is Dry

If your skin is suddenly dry no matter what you do, it could be that your makeup is drying it out. Make sure you aren’t using a harsh cleanser first, and that not you’re using a drying soap to wash your face with. I like soaps made with coconut oil and sea salt for a complete balance of moisture and cleaning agents. Next, be sure you’re applying a good moisturizer, preferably one that doesn’t make you look greasy. I’ve found Neutrogena SPF UltraMoisture to be the best for this task. After that, if your skin is still dry, look to your makeup. If your makeup is drying your skin out, then it is making you look older than necessary. Switch to a creamier base that doesn’t make you greasy, such as BB cream, to combat dry skin from your makeup, and an oily appearance.


Your Face Looks Dull

If your face looks dull and drab, most likely it is your makeup, not your skin. All it takes is a bit of brightening up in the makeup department to lighten up your face and make you look fresh-faced again. The trick is to go lighter on the makeup and give your face a little light. Apply a champagne/gold colored eyeshadow very lightly with a bit of shimmer, and add some white eyeshadow to the very upper eyelids near the brow, along with right above the eyes. Blend it well with the champagne/gold colored shadow, which should be in the crease. This will brighten up your eyes and bring some light into your face. Then, apply a light peach colored blush, or very soft pink. Finish with a pretty peach or light coral lipstick and you’ll look fresh, light and lively, not looking dull and drab. Nothing ages you more than a dull appearance to your face due to a lack of light and freshness.


You’re Breaking out

If your skin is breaking out and you notice it is worse on the days you wear makeup, or the days right after, it is probably your makeup’s chemical composition that is causing it. When your makeup causes you to breakout, it will age you really quickly. For starters, breakouts and excess oils not only create skin problems, but the scar tissue leftover creates skin damage that ages you. Try switching brands and using a gentle cleansing agent to combat the breakouts until they disappear. Try brands that are non-comedogenic, which will less likely include oils and chemicals that make you more prone to breakouts.


Your Eyes Look Dark and Dreary

If your eyes look dark and sunken in the back of your head, then it is probably due to the fact that the colors of makeup you’re using on your eyes are aging you. Instead of using dark colors like greys, purple, black, dark green or heaven forbid outdated dark blue, try going with lighter shades. This will bring your eyes forward and enhance them through adding light to your eyes. It may take getting used to and going without your standby shade, but I notice when I wear dark brown shades or black and grey shades that my eyes look so much older. When I wear lighter shades like champagne, shimmery white or shimmery pale pink, light gold and light golden brown, my eyes look so much prettier and younger. You can still wear your mascara, but go with a dark brown eyeliner instead of black, or just wear less black eyeliner if you’re like me and just have to have it.


Your Lips Are Too Dark

Lastly, one simple thing to make you look younger through your makeup routine is to stop using those dark lip colors like burgundy, dark red, and other dark shades you might like. These age you faster than anything, and can even enhance the lines you have on your lip as you age. Lighten those lips up ladies! Stick with softer shades like peach, light coral, light rose or lighter colored wine glosses. Glosses add lots of dimension to your lips, bring light into your face, and don’t sink into lines like lipsticks do. You don’t want to go with a clear shade since that is more for teenagers, but be sure to go with a gloss that makes your lips look natural, not sticky, too matte or too dark.

These signs that your makeup are aging you are luckily very easy to correct. Implement each of them and I promise you’ll look younger in no time! Do you have a tip for helping your makeup make you look a little younger?

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Dark lips are sexy and seductive,vampy makeup is my favorite fall and winter go to look,so no I won't stop wearing dark lipstick and gloss

FYI: Dark blue eyeshadow is NOT outdated! It\'s actually a hot trend right now in the fashion world!

The dark lips are definitely in this season too. If done right they aren't going to age you.

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