8 Ways to Wear Makeup inside Masquerade Masks ...


8 Ways to Wear Makeup inside Masquerade Masks ...
8 Ways to Wear Makeup inside Masquerade Masks ...

Halloween is around the corner and if you're going to a masquerade party, guest contributor Jason Phillips has some awesome makeup tips for you to try!

Masquerade parties are all about wearing opulent, avant-garde outfits matched with a masquerade mask designed to turn heads. While it’s true that your mask will probably be the center of attention, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to wear make-up. You never know when you have to take off your mask, so your face should look flawless.

Do you want to know more about wearing make-up inside masquerade masks? Check out how in the following tips:

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Use Top Quality Liquid Foundation

Use Top Quality Liquid Foundation As mentioned above, you will probably take off your mask at some point, which means that your skin should look amazing. That’s why you are advised to apply a water resistant foundation on your skin using a damp sponge. Don’t use powder and instead opt for a finishing spray to keep your makeup intact.


Use Concealer Prior to Applying Eye-shadow

Use Concealer Prior to Applying Eye-shadow Even if your face is hidden behind a masquerade mask, your eyes should still be properly adorned with makeup. The best way of making sure that your eyes look amazing is by turning to a smoky look. Start by preparing the lids using a concealer or an eye-shadow primer, and follow the lash line using a black gel pencil. An eye-shadow brush will help you blend everything up towards the crease, and the best part is that you can do this on your own, without any professional help.


Applying a concealer as a base not only helps in concealing discolorations but also enhances the longevity and vibrancy of your eye-shadow. For an effortlessly glamorous look, smudge the gel pencil near the roots of your lashes to create depth, and then top it off with a dark eye-shadow. Don't forget to soften the edges with a blending brush for that perfect fade. Remember, even if the rest of your face is covered, your eyes can still express your style with a smoky eye that speaks volumes.


Protect Your False Lashes

Protect Your False Lashes Some masquerade masks are extremely heavy, so as a woman it’s important to keep your underneath makeup intact. As far as false lashes as concerned, it’s paramount to invest in quality products if you want them to last. Masks are sticky and uncomfortable, and to protect your lashes you may have to think of placing them after putting the mask on your face.


Use Waterproof Mascara

Use Waterproof Mascara Waterproof mascara is more effective than traditional mascara, especially when you have to cover your face with a mask. Even though you may not sweat, being cautious is better than ruining your whole makeup. Waterproof mascara is created using several oils, that guarantee it will not smear. However, these features also make it more difficult to be removed, and this means that you will probably have to use an oil-based makeup remover.


Lipstick – Be Bold

Lipstick – Be Bold It doesn’t necessarily have to be Halloween to wear a bold lip color. Believe it or not, bold colors are trendy nowadays, so you will never be considered an eccentric woman if you wear a vibrant fuchsia lipstick. Let’s not forget the purpose of the party, and the best way to keep your lipstick on the lips even when you’re wearing a masquerade mask is to invest in a mask that reveals your mouth. You’ll also be able to talk better too.


Apply Glitter

Apply Glitter Masquerade parties should be fun and entertaining. The nature of the event allows women to wear a lot of make-up under their masks. Yet, to make sure your eyes and skin remain flawless, you can add some glitter to prevent the mask from sticking to your face. If you choose to remove it, your underneath make-up won’t be affected at all.


To enhance the allure of your masquerade look, glitter becomes your best friend. Dabbing it lightly on the eyes, across the cheekbones, or even a touch on the lips will create a shimmering effect that catches the light beautifully. The bonus is its staying power; glitter clings to your skin, ensuring that your makeup remains pristine—even as you dance the night away. Opt for a fine, cosmetic-grade glitter rather than chunkier craft types, to avoid irritation and achieve an elegant sparkle. Remember, a little goes a long way toward crafting a magical and enchanting presence.


Don’t Use Creams and Moisturizers

Don’t Use Creams and Moisturizers Prior to applying makeup on your face, don’t use a cream and opt for a primer instead. Creams will make you sweat under your mask, and by the end of the night your make-up will be ruined. Also, don’t exaggerate with the foundation because you’ll load your face, and too much foundation will make you look tired when the mask is off.


How to Fix Your Eyebrows

How to Fix Your Eyebrows It’s extremely important to keep your eyebrows in perfect shape under your masquerade mask. Therefore, you might want to keep them natural. Don’t outline them too much with a pencil because it’s not resistant and a mask will totally destroy the shape. Instead, you could just brush them and add just a tiny amount of make-up to make the eyebrows pop-up.

These efficient tips should really help you maintain your makeup in excellent conditions even when you’re wearing masquerade masks. Use quality products, don’t overdo your eyebrows, cheeks or eyes, and everything will turn out just fine. Sometimes, it’s best to use less makeup; overloading the face and adding a mask on top will make you sweat, and by the time the masquerade mask is off, all your makeup will be destroyed.

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Lisa Eldridge MUA has a good video on Youtube on applying makeup when wearing a mask . Great tips!

Make sure to always make sure you can see with your mask.

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