7 Makeup Tips for Blondes to Give You That Bombshell Look ...

It is difficult to find makeup tips for blondes. Perhaps this is because there is such a wide variety in the shades of blonde hair. But there are some universal makeup tips for blondes. Being a blonde, I have had plenty of time to use trial and error to find out what works best.

1. Find a Mascara That Works Wonders

One of the best makeup tips for blondes is to find a mascara that works wonders for you. Most blondes have very pale eyelashes so they need all of the help a mascara can offer. There are hundreds of different mascara formulas that you can try and no one formula is right for everyone. Some of us need a mascara that will add volume while others need one that is lengthening. If you want some extra power for your lashes, try using a lash primer first.