7 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger ...


7 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger ...
7 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger ...

If you are past 25, chances are you are already looking for makeup tricks to make you look younger. We all want to look youthful and attractive. I know I do. Let me share a few little secret tricks you can use to make yourself look younger with very little effort. Soon, you will be sharing these makeup tricks to make you look younger with all your girlfriends. Or you can keep them all to yourself.

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Go for Sheer Coverage

Go for Sheer Coverage Ladies, when you choose a foundation that is thick and cake-like, you have made a mistake. I get that you want to cover your spots and blemishes. Do that with concealer and choose a lighter, sheerer foundation formula. This can take years off of your face and is one of the best makeup tricks to make you look younger instantly. Another tip to follow is always apply moisturizer before your foundation. It gives the foundation a smoother surface to work with.


Choose a Lighter Lipstick

Choose a Lighter Lipstick Dark, vampy lipsticks are for the vamps. Don’t go there. Choose a lighter lipstick and you will be amazed how young you look. If you are in doubt of what shade is best for you, go for a nude. Or you can do what you do and take a lipstick expert along for your lipstick shopping.


Tint, Don’t Pencil

Tint, Don’t Pencil I cringe when I see penciled on eyebrows. They absolutely scream senior citizen. If you need a little help in the eyebrow department, have them tinted. You can have this done for a very low price and it looks so much more natural and youthful. If you must use a pencil, use a very light hand and do feathery strokes.


Eyeliner on Top Only, Please

Eyeliner on Top Only, Please When you apply eyeliner on the bottom part of your eye, you are causing attention to go to the bottom part of your eye. You know, the part where the bags, wrinkles and dark circles live. No one wants to draw attention there. Unless you have very youthful eyes, stick to using your eyeliner only on the top part of your eyes. The same trick can be applied with mascara, as well.


Stay Away from the Shimmer

Stay Away from the Shimmer Anytime you wear shimmer on your eyes, you are calling attention to every little crease. Choose matte shades for your eye shadow. You will be amazed what a difference this makes in your makeup. Matte shades enhance your eyes as opposed to overshadowing them, as well.


A Little Trick with White Shadow

A Little Trick with White Shadow Okay, ladies. Here is a wonderful little trick for you. White eye shadow is your friend. You can do wonders with this product. Use it right under your brow bone to direct attention upward or use it in the corner of your eyes to have a beautiful, youthful makeup look. It is pure magic.


Line Your Lips

Line Your Lips As we age, we get little wrinkles around our lips that are very unattractive. They are even more unattractive when your lipstick bleeds into them. You can fix this by wearing a liner with your lipstick. A liner forms a bit of a barrier that prevents bleeding from lipstick. Lip liner is very easy to apply and something you can learn to do easily.

While we can’t stop the hands of time, we can do our best to remain looking youthful. Have you tried any of these? What can you add to the list of makeup tricks that work for you in making you look younger?

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These tips are depressing....

Yep this rules definatly apply , very true when makup r to enhance our futures and make us look fresh and clean just like when we were little girl not make us clowns and coverd in masks .

Put a very light pinkish blush on the cheeks..

It\'s their Generation Q campaign by the way.

Not sure I agree with number 2: Anyone can wear dark lipstick, you just have to find the best way of wearing it that suits you....be it as a stain or smudged on, etc etc

Love this! These rules do apply!

I do makeovers on women all the time, and these blanket rules simply do not apply.

Yes!!! Agree with wearing blush the right shade !! Also for number 2, my favorite trick is to use eyeshadow the shade of your brow instead of a pencil.. Number 3 definitely!! No one should ever use liner on the bottom lid :/ and I\'m 27 and certainly noticing age-y differences. Thanks for the article!!

This is very informative.. Love it

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