7 Ways to Have the 'Too Much Makeup' Talk with Your Friends ...

Wearing too much makeup is a cardinal sin, but what if it is your BFF that is wearing too much makeup? How do you go about telling them? How do you have that talk with them? It's a delicate subject, girls, and you don't want to mess it up! If your friends are wearing way too much makeup and are caking on their foundation but you don't know how to tell them how to lighten up, take a look below! I've got all of the top ways you can have that talk with your besties!

1. Timing

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When it comes to having the 'too much makeup' talk with your best friends, it's all about the timing. You don't want to have it when they are in a bad mood or when they are sensitive in general. You want to do it when they are in a good mood and when they are accepting small critiques!

2. Don't Be Sarcastic

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Whenever you are bringing up something about someone's appearance or how they do something, you can't be sarcastic about it. There are ways to go about having this particular conversation and you have to take them to heart. You can't make someone feel self conscious, you are just trying to really make them aware!

3. Be Gentle in How You Bring It up

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While not being sarcastic is something that you've got to think about, you also want to make sure that you are being gentle in how you bring it up. Remember girls, put yourself in your bestie's shoes. You don't want someone bringing up the fact that you are wearing too much makeup and being harsh about it.

4. Offer Suggestions

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This one is a little tricky because you never, ever want your girlfriends to feel as if you are a know-it-all or that your suggestions are law, but why don't you try to look up a few YouTube tutorials and offer some suggestions from the professionals? Maybe see if you can get your BFF to try a different foundation or lighten up on the eye makeup from the tutorials!

5. Try a Makeover

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This is a great idea for both of you to do together! Just get together one night, have a sleepover and do a bunch of different makeup makeovers to find out what works for both of you! This is a great way to really figure out what works with your skin tone and what doesn't work and you are doing it together!

6. Let Them Choose What They Wear

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When you are dealing with a girl that is wearing too much makeup, you can't let them lose control, you've got to let them choose what they wear – but maybe in moderation. If they want bright green eyeshadow, that's totally cool, but maybe see if you can get them to pair it with an emerald color to tone it down!

7. Accept It

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Finally, you might just have to accept that your friend is wearing a bit too much makeup – truthfully, they are your friend and you should be able to move past whatever you two go through together. Just remember that your friend is your friend and makeup shouldn't break you apart!

Wearing too much makeup is something that we all do at some point, but just remember, you have to be gentle when you are bringing it up with your bestie! So girls, have you ever had to have 'The Talk' with one of your friends?

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