7 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger ...

If you are past 25, chances are you are already looking for makeup tricks to make you look younger. We all want to look youthful and attractive. I know I do. Let me share a few little secret tricks you can use to make yourself look younger with very little effort. Soon, you will be sharing these makeup tricks to make you look younger with all your girlfriends. Or you can keep them all to yourself.

1. Go for Sheer Coverage

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Ladies, when you choose a foundation that is thick and cake-like, you have made a mistake. I get that you want to cover your spots and blemishes. Do that with concealer and choose a lighter, sheerer foundation formula. This can take years off of your face and is one of the best makeup tricks to make you look younger instantly. Another tip to follow is always apply moisturizer before your foundation. It gives the foundation a smoother surface to work with.

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