7 Secret Makeup Tips for a Brunette to Make You Simply Dazzling ...


7 Secret Makeup Tips for a Brunette to Make You Simply Dazzling ...
7 Secret Makeup Tips for a Brunette to Make You Simply Dazzling ...

If you are looking for makeup tips for a brunette, I can point you in the right direction. Makeup tips for a brunette are vastly different than the makeup tips a blonde should follow and that only makes sense. A brunette needs to have her own unique makeup tips tailored just for her. These makeup tips will make you simply dazzling so be prepared to wow your family and friends.

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Eyeliner is Your Magic Makeup

Eyeliner is Your Magic Makeup While blondes and redheads desperately need mascara, you don’t. Of course you want to wear mascara but you more than likely already have gorgeous lashes, so eyeliner is where the magic happens for you. It will draw attention up to your brows, which are the frame of your face. It also enhances your eyes, which your dark hair can pull away from if you don’t give your eyes enough attention. If you really want some power in your possession, go for liquid eyeliner; the dramatic impact will be stunning. This is one of the best makeup tips for a brunette.


Choose Flattering Eye Makeup

Choose Flattering Eye Makeup Choose eye makeup that is flattering. Go for a shimmer if you want to pull attention to your eyes. If you want to pull attention to your lips, go for more of a matte choice in the shades you choose in eye makeup. Color often looks good in eye makeup choices for brunettes. Try some shades of purple or green. If you want something a little tamer, try out caramels mixed with a touch of pink or burgundy brown shades.


Go for a Berry Lipstick… or Maybe Red

Go for a Berry Lipstick… or Maybe Red Brunettes look better when they choose berry or red shades for a lipstick. True pinks are better choices for blondes. Corals and shades of browns are more for redheads. Not that you can't wear pink, but berry and red are shades that really make a brunette dazzling. Try them on and see how lovely they look on you.


Black Eyeliner All the Way

Black Eyeliner All the Way We talked about the importance of eyeliner but we did not talk about the shade you should wear. Go for black, all the way. Black eyeliner has an awesome impact. The only exception is that you may want to switch to brown eyeliner when you get in your upper forties. At that point, black can look a bit harsh, where brown gives a softer look.


Highlight Your Brows

Highlight Your Brows Use a highlighter on your brow bone, right in the arch. This will pull attention upward. Instead of noticing any flaw that you may have in your eyes, such as the fact they are too deep set or hooded, people will be noticing the beauty of them. The highlight will make the focus on the beauty of that area of the face and cover any flaws. Try this and see what I mean.


Choose Your Blush Carefully

Choose Your Blush Carefully Blush can be difficult for a brunette to choose. Again, blondes tend to do better with pink shades while redheads do better with coral. Brunettes can be a mixed bag. You really need to try them on to see what works best with your skin tone. If you tend to have warm tones, you will want to go coral. If you tend to have cool tones then a pinker blush is for you.


Arch Your Brows

Arch Your Brows Brunettes almost always have absolutely gorgeous brows. My daughter and my sister are both brunettes and they both have gorgeous brows. I envy them. Brows have a very dramatic impact when you are brunette. It only makes sense to give them the perfect arch. If you feel insecure about doing this, ask your stylist for help.

These seven little tips can really make your makeup look dazzling when you are a brunette. What have you found is important in your makeup routine as a brunette? Which of these tips are most helpful to you?

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Eyeliner and red lips! A classic

Great tips! But as brunette I love classic pink lipstick on me. Dark reds make lips smaller, be careful.

I love my naked palette 1 from urban decay! I use it all the time it's great for brunettes ;-) the shimmer finish on the brow with soft colors shaded in gets me all glam for a night out ;-))

I'll have to disagree with you on the coral part. I do have dark brown hair but I'm also incredibly pale and everything I've read and everyone has told me for my lips and cheeks it has got to be coral. I used to hate lipstick and since I found my coral lipstick I wear it every day. It can't just be hair, you have to factor in you skin color too.

Mimi. But it is my fav

Amazing Article

I have dirty blonde hair, yet my eyelashes are really long, I just tight line and ignore mascara!

I love my eyeliner.

Loved this read! :-)

I'm a brunette in my late 40's and pink lipstick is awful! Looks like straight out of the 80's. Also, as writer stated, switching to brown liner is definately true! I wore black up to my very early 40's and NO frosted eyeshadow over 40.

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