7 Secret Makeup Tips for a Brunette to Make You Simply Dazzling ...

If you are looking for makeup tips for a brunette, I can point you in the right direction. Makeup tips for a brunette are vastly different than the makeup tips a blonde should follow and that only makes sense. A brunette needs to have her own unique makeup tips tailored just for her. These makeup tips will make you simply dazzling so be prepared to wow your family and friends.

1. Eyeliner is Your Magic Makeup

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While blondes and redheads desperately need mascara, you don’t. Of course you want to wear mascara but you more than likely already have gorgeous lashes, so eyeliner is where the magic happens for you. It will draw attention up to your brows, which are the frame of your face. It also enhances your eyes, which your dark hair can pull away from if you don’t give your eyes enough attention. If you really want some power in your possession, go for liquid eyeliner; the dramatic impact will be stunning. This is one of the best makeup tips for a brunette.

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