7 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older ...

By Kati

7 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older ...

Are you making makeup mistakes that make you look older? According to a recent study, a lot more of us are than we’d think. It’s not deliberate, either – while we’ve all tried making ourselves look old enough to get in to that party/impress that older guy, it seems we’re taking those techniques into the rest of our lives, too. Here are the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older – are you guilty of them?

Table of contents:

  1. too much bronzer
  2. eyebrow errors
  3. mascara mistakes
  4. blurred lines
  5. too dark lips
  6. concealer chaos
  7. foundation fear

1 Too Much Bronzer

Too Much Bronzer One of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older is wearing too much bronzer. Bronzer across the whole face is instantly ageing, but it’s a surprisingly common look. Instead, apply bronzer to the classic ‘C’ formation – to the temples, along the sides of the face and right under your cheekbones. You’ll get glowy, gorgeous and defined look, but without adding figures to your age.

2 Eyebrow Errors

Eyebrow Errors Eyebrows tend to thin out and fade as we get older, which is why faces with full brows tend to look youthful. So why do we pluck our brows too thin?! If you’ve made this mistake, try using an angled brush to fill in sparse brows, and using a powder one shade lighter than your normal brow colour. Then be really careful when you next come to pluck – more really is more here!

3 Mascara Mistakes

Mascara Mistakes Do you apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes? For a while, we were all told that you should cover your lower lashes too, to open up the eyes and make them seem bigger. More often, though, it makes your eyes look droopy. Stick to emphasizing your top lashes, and keeping the focus all in the right place!

4 Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines Solid eyeliner can be really harsh. It’s designed to be a dramatic look, but that means it really draws out wrinkles and crows feet, and the heavy look closes off the eyes and makes them seem smaller. Thick liner on the upper lid can also make your eyelids seem heavy. Try lining only the outer third of the eye, and smudging it with an angled brush to soften the look. A brightening shade in the inner corners will help, too!

5 Too Dark Lips

Too Dark Lips As you get older, your lips become thinner. When you wear lipstick colours that don’t really suit your skin and look much too dark, that also thins the lips. Can you see where I’m going with this?! It doesn’t mean that you should avoid dark colours. Just make sure that the lipsticks you own really look good against your complexion. Adding a dab of gloss will plump yout pout, too.

6 Concealer Chaos

Concealer Chaos Do you apply concealer under your eyes? Dark bags under the eyes are unsightly, and they definitely age you. Caking on concealer is only likely to draw attention to the problem, though. Avoid it by choosing a creamy stick concealer that is richly pigmented, and applying it as sparingly as possible. This will offer great coverage without needing to cake it on.

7 Foundation Fear

Foundation Fear Matriarch of the Kardashian bunch Kris Jenner is the perfect example of make up mistakes that make you look older, especially with her foundation! Caked on foundation brings out wrinkles and imperfections, because it settles into fine lines on the skin. It also gives a false look that makes skin look old and dry. Instead, apply one layer of a moisturizing foundation using a damp sponge. It looks much fresher, and it’ll keep skin hydrated.

So, how many of these make up mistakes that make you look older are you making? Give the new techniques a try, and you’ll wipe years from your face without making an big changes to your routine, and without needing to pass up any make up. Win, win!

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