7 Reasons to Incorporate Color into Your Makeup Routine ...

By Madison

7 Reasons to Incorporate Color into Your Makeup Routine ...

Some people tend to shy away from color when applying makeup, but there are actually many reasons to incorporate color into your beauty routine. There are many benefits to stepping out of the box, and chances are you’ll love yourself with some pops of colors. A little color is the perfect way to improve any look. So the next time you are out shopping for makeup, consider these reasons to incorporate color into your makeup routine.

1 It Complements Your Coloring

It Complements Your Coloring One of the most important reasons to incorporate color into your makeup routine is that it can complement your coloring. Green eyes shine with purple eye shadow and brown eyes look dazzling in blue. Bright and pastel colors make dark skin come alive and rich colors can make pale skin look striking. You can enhance your natural coloring with pinks and reds to match your undertones as well. Adding a splash of color can help complement your natural beauty.

2 It’s Fun

It’s Fun What it really boils down to is that adding color to your makeup is just plain fun. It’s a great way to switch up your normal routine and step outside the box. Experimenting with color is a great way to add some fun into your getting ready process. I am a huge believer that your looks can influence the way you feel, so if you’re makeup is fun, chances are you will start having more fun yourself!

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3 For Self-Expression

For Self-Expression While we’re on the topic of how fun colorful makeup can be, we may as well discuss self-expression. These two topics go hand-in-hand. Makeup is an art form, what are you painting? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they do their makeup. You can create bold patterns, show off your favorite colors, or express how you’re feeling that day all with a stroke of a brush.

4 The Compliments

The Compliments When you are having fun with your makeup and expressing yourself, people are bound to notice. Doing something just for compliments may not be the best reason, but you have to admit, it’s an added bonus.

5 It Accentuates Your Features

It Accentuates Your Features Adding color to your beauty routine can accentuate your best features. I already discussed how certain colors can make eye colors pop. This holds true for all your features. The right color of blush can bring out your cheekbones. If you have thin lips, a bright color can actually make them look fuller. Colorful makeup is a tool you can use to enhance your already amazing features.

6 It Can Replace Accessories

It Can Replace Accessories I’m going to admit it – I hate accessories. Most bracelets don’t fit right on my wrists, necklaces always get turned around when I wear them, and most earrings bother my ears. However, when I wear colorful makeup, I don’t feel like my look is lacking. Adding color to your makeup routine can be all you need to complement your outfit so you can save yourself the trouble of breaking out jewelry. However, if you do love accessories, never fear because colorful makeup looks great with them as well.

7 It Brightens Complexion

It Brightens Complexion Adding color to your makeup routine has a way of brightening your complexion. Certain colors can make our skin look absolutely radiant. Experiment on what colors bring out your natural glow and work it!

These are just some of the reasons to incorporate color into your makeup routine. You don’t have to go all out – you can simply start with some colored eyeliner, a new lipstick, or some brighter blush. Find the balance between colors and neutrals that work best for you. The next time you buy an eye shadow palette, don’t skip over the purples and blues, find a way to make them work this time! You just might like the results.

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