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When choosing make-up, it’s a good idea to consider all aspects of applying it, keeping it in place and how it looks on your face. With aisle upon aisle of make-up at the store, it can be overwhelming to look for and find precisely what you want and need. Thankfully, there are loads of experts out there just dying to share their tips. I’ve gleaned the best of them and am here to share some really valuable ways to be sure you’re getting exactly the products you want when choosing make-up.

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Your Palette

Your Palette Let’s be honest – every color doesn’t look good on every girl. Once you realize that, it will be easier to find appropriate products when choosing make-up. Most make-up girls at department store cosmetic counters can give you a color assessment so you know what shades look best on your skin. Once you know what brings out your best features, you can easily hit up any store and stock up.


Skin Tone

Skin Tone When choosing foundation, it’s important to make sure you get a hue that matches your skin tone. Otherwise, you risk that dreaded line on your jaw that makes it obvious you picked the wrong make-up color. The best thing to do is to go to a make-up store or counter that has tester products so you can find the right foundation color. Test it on the back of your hand for the best match.


Test It out

Test It out Testing make-up applies to more than just your foundation. Be sure you buy from companies and stores that allow you to return products you don’t like. That way, if it turns out that your choice isn’t the perfect shade of brown, you can try something else without going broke. Keep the packaging as intact as possible since some places won’t let you return without it.


Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors When choosing make-up, it’s a good idea to find products that complement each other. That way you won’t put on your full face only to find out that your eye color and your lip color don’t look good together. Again, you can get help with this at a make-up counter so you have the tools you need to make your own choices.


Versatile Products

Versatile Products If you’re the kind of girl who just wants to get the make-up on and be done, versatile products are a must. Look for those that can go from eye color to lip stain all in one package. That way you can slick it on in mere minutes and be ready to go looking fabulous.


Ease of Use

Ease of Use Nothing is more frustrating to me than trying to get liquid eyeliner applied evenly. I could spend hours and still not get it right. Instead, I use a bit of dark eye shadow blended along my lash line. It creates the same look, but is so much easier to get right. My point here is that you should definitely choose products that are easy to use and simple to get in place correctly. That way you can get done up without looking like your toddler applied your make-up for you.



Longevity When it comes to make-up, you want it to last all day, right? Me too. When you’re out shopping for new products, look for those designed to last. This will be evident in products that are long-lasting, continuous wear or 24-hour. Finding these items can be super helpful if you don’t have time to reapply your look several times per day.

How do you choose make-up? What are favorite brands and products?

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Oh no, not another article that tells us to pick our foundation to match our skin tone! We get it, we really do; can we move on now?

I don't understand why it should be perceived as either. I'm not trying to prevent anyone from reading the article, nor am I saying there's anything wrong with being new to makeup. I'm simply expressing my opinion on what I perceive as a changing direction in the site. Saying that my expressing my opinions is rude is just shutting down discussion because that means that any critical reaction is in and of itself rude, which is simply not true.

@dascha it's very discouraging and rude dear.

In this article is says to match your foundation colour to back of your hand. I have been told to match it to your jaw line, just wondering witch of the 2 is correct?

It's not force to read you can skip it if u not interested

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