9 Ways to Wear Pastel Makeup without Looking like an Easter Egg ...


Despite what we might believe, there are many ways to wear pastel makeup without looking like Easter threw up all over you. There is a fine balance between wearing pastel makeup and letting it wear you and I’m here to help you achieve the former. When springtime comes around, pastel makeup and beauty products are just begging to be worn and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get in on the fun! Take a look at these 9 different ways to wear pastel makeup and let me know what you’re going to try.

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All over the Lid

All over the Lid Wearing pastel eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to wear pastel makeup. Try dusting a light pink, purple or pastel yellow all over your eyelid as a base color. This is a very understated way to incorporate pastel colors into your makeup without it being overly ostentatious, but making it still fun to wear.


On Your Nails

On Your Nails Any time you want to experiment with new hues that you aren’t too sure about, try it on your nails. Nail polish is an easy way to try out trendy, new colors and textures without committing to an expensive beauty product. With nail polish, wearing pastel colors is much less intimidating and certain shades of pale pink will be eternally on trend.


On Your Cheeks

On Your Cheeks Blushes aren’t the most ideal way to wear pastel makeup since you’re limited in color choices and it might not work well with all skin tones. However, if you like the idea of wearing a soft pink color or pale peach color on your cheeks, go for it! They’re both beautiful colors to wear for school, work or a night out and gives a very soft look that’s perfect for spring.


On Your Lips

On Your Lips You might be thinking that wearing pastel lipstick might not be very flattering, but if you find the right color it works well on just about all skin tones. There are plenty of pastel colors that look very pretty and feminine and are quite wearable. Plus, there are so many options in colors so if you’re daring, you can even try baby blue or green!


On Your Waterline

On Your Waterline If you currently use white eyeliner on your waterline, why not swap it out with a pastel color to help brighten your tired eyes? You don’t have to go crazy with colors unless you want to, but wearing a pale pink or peach eyeliner can be much more natural looking than white and really helps make eyes appear wider and more awake.


Top off Your Lipstick

Top off Your Lipstick Do you have a tube of lipstick that you want to wear but the color just isn’t right for you? I’ve been in this situation many times and whenever I have a beauty product where I’m not happy with the color, I mix it. Topping off your lipstick with a gloss is an easy way to create a new color, add shine or add dimension to your lips. Use a pastel colored lip gloss to lighten up the color of your lipstick or dab it in the middle for a two-toned look.


On Your Lash Line

On Your Lash Line If you’re feeling bold, wearing pastel eyeliner on your lash line is a fun way to add a pop of color and brighten up your eyes. It’s a festive alternative to dark eyeliners or, if you just can’t go without black liner layer the pastel eyeliner above the black liner for a fresh spin on a classic look. It’s surprisingly wearable and oh so pretty.


Wash of Color

Wash of Color Don’t limit yourself to using pastel eye shadow only as a base color, use it all over for a beautiful wash of color on the eyes. Use lavender, baby blue, pastel green or whatever pastel color you fancy and apply it all over your lid and crease for a bold yet understated look that looks gorgeous on everyone.


On the Inner Corners

On the Inner Corners The last way to wear pastel makeup is to apply it on the inner corner of your eyes. Many people like to wear a shimmery eye shadow in this area, but a pastel eye shadow works just as well. Get instantly wider-looking eyes by adding a smidge of your favorite pastel color on the inner corner and keep the rest of your eye makeup simple.

Would you ever try any of these ways to wear pastel makeup? Once you find pastel makeup colors that you like, the options are endless. I’m personally a little bit obsessed with wearing pastel eyeliner with black eyeliner!

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