9 Ways to Wear Pastel Makeup without Looking like an Easter Egg ...

Despite what we might believe, there are many ways to wear pastel makeup without looking like Easter threw up all over you. There is a fine balance between wearing pastel makeup and letting it wear you and Iโ€™m here to help you achieve the former. When springtime comes around, pastel makeup and beauty products are just begging to be worn and there is no reason why you shouldnโ€™t get in on the fun! Take a look at these 9 different ways to wear pastel makeup and let me know what youโ€™re going to try.

1. All over the Lid

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Wearing pastel eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to wear pastel makeup. Try dusting a light pink, purple or pastel yellow all over your eyelid as a base color. This is a very understated way to incorporate pastel colors into your makeup without it being overly ostentatious, but making it still fun to wear.

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