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9 Clever Tricks to Prevent Your Makeup from Fading ...

By Lisa

Prevent your makeup from fading and help keep it fresher by using some of these clever and convenient tips. I know all too well how quickly makeup can fade or practically disappear on us, so I can tell you from experience that these tips worked for me and can work for you, too. It’s no fun spending good money on beauty products that fade or having to constantly touch-up your makeup. So, if you too are looking for ways to prevent your makeup from fading, give some of these long lasting makeup tips a try ASAP!

1 Wash up

Depending on what type of skin you have, one of the easiest ways to prevent your makeup from fading is to wash your face before you apply any products. If your skin is dry, you can probably skip this step or just rinse your face with water. If you have combo or oily skin, try using a gentle cleanser to wash your face before you apply any skincare or beauty products, so you’re not applying additional products on top of oily skin or your nighttime skin care products.

2 Prime Time

One of the keys to long lasting makeup is using a primer. I know, this might not be anything new, but I’m always surprised at the number of people who don’t use a face primer prior to applying makeup. Choose a primer that blurs pores, mattifies skin, contains sunscreen, helps makeup last and will help even out your skin tone. This way, you’re creating a smooth, matte canvas to apply your makeup to and create a barrier between your makeup and skin to prevent clogging pores. Don’t forget the eye primer, too!


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3 Choose Waterproof

If your eye area happens to be oily and your eye makeup seems to slip and slide, try waterproof formulas. Waterproof mascara, eye liner and eye shadow look bold, alluring and best of all, they’re budge-proof. Waterproof mascara can sometimes be a pain to remove, but if you use an eye makeup remover that made for use with waterproof makeup, it's makes the task much easier. You can also use olive oil on a cotton pad to gently remove and moisturize the skin around your eyes. Also, avoid using cream eye shadows as they have more of a slip to them.

4 Avoid Oil

This should come as no surprise, but when you’re looking for ways to prevent fading in makeup avoid any foundation that contains oil. Oil-free formulas will last longer and help keep skin matte. If your skin is dry, you’ll want to use a hydrating formula that’s also long lasting. Once your foundation is dry, lightly dust some powder on your entire face to lock it all in.

5 Get Stained

If your lip or cheek color often fades away, you might be using the wrong formula. Stains are an amazing way to achieve beautiful, long lasting color that really stands out. If you’re not a fan of using stains, layering your products is another good way to go. Start by applying a cream or gel blush on your cheeks. Once the blush dries, apply some powder to the area and lightly top it off with a powder blush and you’re set.

6 Set Your Eyeliner

I love applying eyeliner on my waterline, but it rarely stays put after an hour or so. If you experience the same problem, try setting your pencil eyeliner with a powder eye shadow in the same color. Once you apply your regular eye liner to your waterline, grab a thin brush and carefully apply an eye shadow in a similar shade to set it in place.

7 Fill in Lines

Does your lip color have a habit of feathering or traveling outside the lines? Makeup artist Shalini Vadhera suggests applying a lip balm to your lips and slightly outside the lines so it fills in any lip lines and prevents lipstick from feathering, and then top it off with your favorite lipstick. You can take it one step further and blot your lips with a tissue. Lightly apply powder over the tissue on your lips and you’ve got smooch-proof lips.

8 Blend Well

Taking the time to blend all of your beauty products well isn’t just recommended because it looks better; it also helps prevent fading. Whenever you’re applying eye makeup, foundation, blush - pretty much anything, make sure there aren’t any telltale lines. Doing so helps ensure that your makeup bonds and give you hours of wear.

9 Finish Line

The last beauty product to prevent fading is to use a finishing spray. Once you’ve applied all of your makeup, mist a finishing or setting spray over your entire face so your makeup stays put. There are also products that are specially formulated for oily skin, so not only will it help with controlling oil, but you won’t have to worry about your makeup slipping or fading for hours

These are some of the most effective ways to prevent fading in makeup and keep oil in check. No matter what type of skin you have, choosing long-wearing products, applying products in light layers and blending well will keep you looking gorgeous all day long! What are your beauty tips for keeping makeup in place?


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