7 Ways to Get the "No Makeup Makeup" Look ...

While we all wish we could wake up looking flawless à la Beyoncé, this isn't always the reality—that’s where the "no makeup makeup" look saves the day. With just a few key products, you can achieve an au naturale glam look without looking too overdone. Especially for those occasions where a full face of makeup would be too much, it's important to know how to apply certain products with a light hand so that your makeup isn't too overpowering. Check out these tips for how to achieve the no makeup makeup look:

1. Fresh Canvas

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Before we dive deep in to the no makeup makeup process, it's important to know that you'll need to start with a fresh, clean base. Use a gentle exfoliator and an oil-free moisturizer before applying any makeup to buff away dead skin and dirt, as well as hydrate your complexion.

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