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While we all wish we could wake up looking flawless à la Beyoncé, this isn't always the reality—that’s where the "no makeup makeup" look saves the day. With just a few key products, you can achieve an au naturale glam look without looking too overdone. Especially for those occasions where a full face of makeup would be too much, it's important to know how to apply certain products with a light hand so that your makeup isn't too overpowering. Check out these tips for how to achieve the no makeup makeup look:

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Fresh Canvas

Fresh Canvas Before we dive deep in to the no makeup makeup process, it's important to know that you'll need to start with a fresh, clean base. Use a gentle exfoliator and an oil-free moisturizer before applying any makeup to buff away dead skin and dirt, as well as hydrate your complexion.


Light Coverage

Light Coverage A thick, matte face full of foundation isn't ideal for this look. After all, you're trying to look less made-up and to be playing up your natural features. Instead, try using a CC cream to offer coverage while also correcting your skin's imperfections at the same time! If you tend to get a little oily throughout the day, dust on a light application of setting powder to keep the CC from moving. You may also want to try a mineral powder such as Bare Minerals in place of the CC cream for fresh, natural looking coverage.


Bronze Beauty

Bronze Beauty Bronzer can be worn year round, and (I think) helps your complexion to look a bit more healthy and less dull, especially in the colder months when your skin doesn't have a natural tan. Apply a bit of bronzer on your cheek bones, the top of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, and your chin (spots where the sun would naturally hit your face). Steer clear of bronzers that are super-sparkly or orange and opt for something a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. You'd be surprised at how a bronzer that looks "light" in the store can actually end up being the perfect shade for you.


Groomed Brows

Groomed Brows Penciled-in perfectly shaped brows are a great look with a regular face of makeup, but for this look, ease up on the products a bit. Try a clear brow gel instead and swipe the wand a few times through your lashes until they're placed exactly how you like them. If you have thin, sparse brows, go ahead and use a brow powder with a small angled brush to fill in any spots before applying the gel.


Nude Lids

Nude Lids When choosing an eye shadow color for the no makeup look, aim for colors that are nude and subtle. Think bronzes, tans, and champagne colors. Apply right on the lid and leave the brow bone/corner eye accents for heavier makeup days.


Lovely Lashes

Lovely Lashes Long lashes instantly liven up your face and draw the best attention to your eyes. Swipe a couple strokes of your favorite lengthening mascara (I'm obsessed with Mary Kay Lash Love), and try running the wand through both the top and underside of your lash for double coverage. Don't go too heavy for spidery-looking lashes. Remember to keep it natural looking with a hint of glam.


Natural Flush

Natural Flush Do me a favor. Take your fingers and pinch your cheeks for a few seconds. Now, look in a mirror and check out the flush that's happening. This is your natural blush color, so try and mimic that with a cream blush. Cream blushes have a more natural look than powders, and can be applied with the pads of your fingers in a circular motion right on the apples of your cheeks. A pretty flush always finishes off any makeup look.

For some, the idea of stepping out of the house without a speck of makeup on can be a bit terrifying, but with these easy tricks, you can still have some coverage and accentuate your best features without looking like you put any effort in. Remember to use a light hand and that the less time it takes you to achieve this look, the better! Do you have any tips for natural looking makeup?

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I love this, i try alot of diffrentooks on mr to see how i look the best, and now im gonna try this one

Natural look is the best

These are amazing tips!!!!

what I like to do is just wear mascara and comb through my brows and im good to go. thats what I do pretty much everyday

And again, we have nothing in the makeup section for days until we get an article reminding us that the best way to look like you're not wearing heavy makeup is not to slather on makeup. Really? This can't literally be all the site has to offer on makeup, that would just be...well, sad, honestly.

so mush easy steps ....i wonder any one konw fairness cream fit for fatty skin

this is pretty much how I apply my makeup most days:) I love the "natural" look, less is more ppl!

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