7 Ways to Wear Blue Make-up ...


7 Ways to Wear Blue Make-up ...
7 Ways to Wear Blue Make-up ...

Blue make-up might make you think of the 1980s when bright blue eye shadow was all the rage. No, I wouldn’t suggest trying that trend in that way ever again. However, for you lovers of blue out there, you can pull off blue make-up, provided you do it the right way. Here are some of the hottest new trends when it comes to wearing blue. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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Go Easy on the Eye Shadow

Go Easy on the Eye Shadow Sure, blue eye shadow is all over the runways, but I recommend an easy hand when you try it out. That means you don’t want to gob it all over your eyelids, but instead, start with a subtle application of blue make-up so you don’t look like the Breakfast Club revisited. Opt for a lighter, pearly shade and see how it looks with your eye color and skin tone.


Pick the Right Shade

Pick the Right Shade Speaking of eye color and skin tone, it really plays a role in which shade of blue you should choose. According to the make-up experts, blue eye shadow looks best on women with gray or brown eyes. It’s also a good pick for those with black hair or really light blonde hair. If you have blue eyes and want to give blue eye shadow a go, opt for a darker, navy color to bring out your assets without looking to matchy matchy.


Try Eyeliner

Try Eyeliner If you’re like me, you haven’t been brave enough to try the blue make-up trend yet. It just brings back too many memories of early junior high school, right? Blue eyeliner is a good alternative. It lets you try the color with just a hint of it on your eyes instead of the entire eyelid. Try a navy or blue eyeliner with gray or brown eye shadow. Once you get used to the look, you can try blue eye shadow.


Don’t Match Your Outfit

Don’t Match Your Outfit Wearing blue make-up when you’re also wearing a blue top or dress is a big no-no. You don’t want that much color blocking in one area. If you really want to wear blue on your face, opt for a lighter or much darker shade when it comes to your clothing. That way you can coordinate without looking strange. If you can’t pass up the fabulous blue clothes, try a soft purple or brown color on your face and save the blue for another day.


Try Turquoise

Try Turquoise Maybe you can’t pull off blue, but a bit of turquoise is more your style. Try using a turquoise eye shadow as liner by gently smudging it along your lash line in combination with some green or pink shadow. You’ll look trendy and gorgeous without having to go overboard.



Mascara I don’t feel completely made up until I apply my mascara. You can get it in the standard brown and black, but many make-up companies are offering mascara is fun new shades like bright blue or turquoise. You might not be able to rock it at the office, but it sure would look fabulous for a night on the town.


Swipe It on Your Nails

Swipe It on Your Nails If you can’t fathom wearing blue eye make-up, try blue nail polish instead. I love a great midnight blue with casual jeans and sweater outfits. But you can pretty much find polish in every blue hue and shade in the rainbow, so mix and match your favorites to find the right color for you.

How do you wear blue make-up? Are you inspired to give it a try? I’m dying to hear how it works out for you.

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