10 Tips and Tricks to Help Girls Who Suck at Winged Eyeliner ...


10 Tips and Tricks to Help Girls Who Suck at Winged Eyeliner ...
10 Tips and Tricks to Help Girls Who Suck at Winged Eyeliner ...

Have you tried and tried, then tried again to create perfect wings with your eyeliner? And yet you still can’t master it. If you have to apply, wipe repeat, end up with something that looks more like a leg than a wing, these tips are for you.

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Draw Flick towards Rather than Away

Draw Flick towards Rather than Away One of the best tips for how to do winged eyeliner is to get in the habit of drawing the flick towards your eye rather than away from it. While most choose to do it by working from the inner crease of the eye going out, many makeup artists actually say that it’s much easier to do it in the opposite way because you have much more control when you begin from the outside and work your way in. It creates a kind of blueprint that you can work with and have much more control.


Rough Sketch First

Rough Sketch First If you use both an eye pencil and a liquid eyeliner to achieve your wings, then it’s always a good idea to draw a rough outline of how you want your wings to look with the pencil before you commit to applying the liquid liner. This will give you a template to work with and you can easily use a damp cotton tip to get rid of any marks that are left behind after you have applied the perfect flick!


Dark Eye Shadow First

Dark Eye Shadow First Liquid eyeliner is probably the hardest product in the entire process to remove and start again if you happen to mess up, so to make it easier for you, try sketching the shape you desire with dark eye shadow first, then once you have it where you want it you can easily trace over this with the liquid liner that will seal the deal and solidify that wing in its rightful place!


Use a Spoon!

Use a Spoon! Believe it or not, a simple spoon can make applying winged eyeliner so much easier than you would have thought! All you have to do is hold the handle of the spoon up to and against the corner of your eye and draw a simple straight line. After the straight line, you then trace around the edge of the spoon to create the all-important curve. Make sure not to go too far with the spoon curve though, you don’t a wing tip that almost reaches your ears!


Winged eyeliner is a classic makeup look that can be difficult to master. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help make it easier. One of the most helpful is using a spoon.

To use a spoon for winged eyeliner, start by holding the handle of the spoon up to the corner of your eye. Draw a simple straight line and then trace around the edge of the spoon to create the curve. Make sure not to go too far with the curve, as you don’t want a wing tip that almost reaches your ears.

Using a spoon is a great way to create a symmetrical look, as you can use the same spoon for both eyes. This will help ensure that the wings on both eyes are even.

Another tip for creating winged eyeliner is to use a liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners come in a variety of colors and formulas, and they provide a more precise line than pencil eyeliners. To create a winged look, start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, and then draw a slightly thicker line from the outer corner of your eye up to the desired wing length.


Scotch Tape

Scotch Tape Treat your eye area like a wall plug when you’re painting a room by sticking some protective scotch tape over it to achieve a nice clean line! You want to use the clear variety that isn’t super sticky, and you want to tape in an upward slant against your eye. You can trace along the edges of the tape and it will give a clean, crisp, satisfying flick.


Business Card

Business Card If you don’t fancy the idea of sticking tape so close to your eyes, then you can always improvise the same sort of shape using a business card. Simply hold the edge of the card against the corner of your eye in the exact spot that you want the flick to be and just proceed to trace along the edge.


No Squinting

No Squinting It can be really hard not to squint when you are putting something pointy close to your eye, but to achieve the very best possible results you need to try not to squint your eyes. A good way of doing this is by holding a mirror downwards; it will really help to relax your gaze.


Use the Right Type of LIner

eyebrow, face, color, hair, cheek, Probably one of the first and most crucial rule of doing eyeliner is using the right one. If you're a beginner I recommend using a gel or even a liquid liner. Just be aware that liquid liner takes a bit longer to dry than gel. Your other choice would be a pencil liner, however this doesn't go on as smooth as the other two options.


Check Your Color

face, hair, eyebrow, nose, person, Different colors give different effects. If you like your lower waterline with white you'll look like you have bigger eyes whereas lining the bottom with nude makes you look more awake. Lining the top with black is a bold look, grey is soft, and navy is trendy. Check your color before using to see if it fits your look.


Stop ShakY Hands

hair, face, eyebrow, nose, black hair, The struggle of shaky hands is real! To avoid this all together, plant your elbow on a firm and steady surface, and rest your pinky on your cheek to stabilize your hand even more. Using dots or dashes along the line you want your liner and then connecting them will also help your shaky hands from jerking and moving while applying.

Now you can rock winged eyeliner with the best of them. Go girl!

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Very helpful! 😀

I'm still trying to master this.

Some of these girls' lips are way too big.

My eyeliner is much more beautiful than those ugly girls 😝😛😜

I agree kk80 😁

These tips are awesome.🤘🏻


Nice! I struggle badly with winged liner,I love it but can't do it it's always so wonky and uneven on one side and it makes me so sad lol

Taylor what kind of comment is that? You don't know if they are natural or drawn on. Big lips are equally as common as small lips and are just as beautiful.

#5's and #6's makeup is gorgeous!😍😍😍😍

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