Makeup Tutorials Blue Eyed Beauties Will Adore ...


Makeup Tutorials Blue Eyed Beauties Will Adore ...
Makeup Tutorials Blue Eyed Beauties Will Adore ...

There’s something really beautiful about blue eyes, don’t you think? No matter your eye color, you can really make them pop by using certain colors and techniques when you apply your eye makeup. If you have blue peepers and want to make them look their best, check out these tutorials. Each one has something fun for you try and seeing it firsthand makes it so much easier to get it right. Have fun!

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Bronze Glitter for Blue Eyes

Bronze looks wonderful against a backdrop of blue eyes. This video shows you how to master the color in just the right way. Follow the easy step by step directions to get your bronze eye makeup look perfect for day or night. The tiny bit of glitter that finishes off the look will make your blue eyes sparkle. What more could a girl ask for?


Full Face Tutorial

Want to really make your blue eyes look fabulous? Consider doing your entire face instead of just your eyes. The right eye makeup look is really important, but combining the look with the right products on the rest of your face gives you a look that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. This video makes it super easy to get the look down and is fun to watch too.


Kylie Jenner Copycat

Are you a fan of everything Kylie Jenner? She does look pretty great most of the time, though some of that may be because she can get a pro to do her makeup anytime she wants. Regardless, this video makes it easy for you to copy her blue-eyed look at home anytime the mood strikes you. This tutorial is easy to follow and will have you looking fab in mere minutes.


Victoria’s Secret Angel

If you secretly want to look like Victoria’s Secret supermodel, this is the video for you. It will show you how to master the look of one of the best blue-eyed beauties out there. The look is super easy to do and will have your blue eyes looking gorgeous in no time. Get ready for the compliments to start rolling in.


Getting Ready

If getting ready is what you want to do, this tutorial should make it a whole lot easier. You get a complete step by step guide to mastering a makeup look that brings out your blue eyes, but that is natural and beautiful at the same time. The girl in the video has tons of great tips and product suggestions so you can’t really live without this one.


For Spring and Summer

Do you love to change up your makeup when the weather gets warmer? It’s a fun way to try something new and as your skin gets golden from the sun, you may want something darker anyway. This tutorial has some great ideas and tips for getting the perfect spring and summer look if you have blue eyes. It’s easy to follow and you’ll love the results.


Make Blue Eyes Bigger

If you want to make your blue eyes pop and make them look bigger at the same time, you have found the right video. This tutorial will teach you how to create a totally flattering look that is natural and really easy to accomplish. Perfect!

Which one will you use first? What other tips can you share for blue-eyed girls?

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