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Gorgeous Matte Makeup Looks for Girls with Oily Skin ...

By Lyndsie

I have super oily skin. I hate it and I do what I can to keep it at bay, but I also have this grody issue with dry skin around my mouth, plus it's summer, which means it's just … ugh. If you, too, have oily skin, you know the struggle. You know the delicate balance act of not just wearing makeup, but finding the right products. You know the painstaking trial-and-error process of finding a moisturizer that hydrates your skin but doesn't clog it up or leave it with a sheen. You know. Matte makeup is a godsend from the Magical Makeup Fairy. It takes away so much worry – because I hate developing an oily sheen through my makeup. It's awful. These matte makeup looks, though? They're perfect for girls with oily skin.

1 The Ideal Daytime Glam Look

Sometimes you need to look absolutely glamorous while the sun is still up. Maybe that's your day-to-day or maybe you've got somewhere special to be. Doesn't matter why. The only thing that matters is this matte makeup tutorial. You're welcome.

2 How to do Dewy without Looking Greasy

Oily-skinned ladies know how hard it is to pull off the dewy trend without looking like you're covered in a sheen of shimmering sweat. It's not pretty, but it is terribly uncomfortable. This look is all peachy and smoky and subtle, so you get just enough glow.

3 Do Your Matte in Neutral Shades

Neutral for you may differ from the colors you see here, but that's no problem. Find the shades that work best for you – you know your own nudes, naturals, and neutrals. The blending and techniques, however, will still work for you. You can get a lovely, lighter look with just enough matte to keep your shine at bay.

4 You Can Go All Matte, All the Time with This Subtle Style

This matte makeup look is all about soft colors, a little smoke, and the perfect matte finish. I actually love all the shades used here, especially for the eyes. Also, her eyebrows are stunning – and those eyelashes are to die for!

5 No Shine but the Slick of Red on Your Lips

I love the lip in this matte tutorial! That gleam is unreal! Personally, I might need to go a little lighter on the cheeks, but that's just me. That's the great thing about all these makeup looks, though – you can tweak them so they work for your preferences, your skin tone, and the colors that complement you best.

6 Monochrome Matte in Shades of Brown

I used to think brown makeup was boring, but I was wrong. I hate admitting that, which should tell you how wrong I was. This tutorial is a fine example of my wrongness. The monochrome look is flattering in and of itself, but the matte aspect takes it up a notch!

7 How to Go Matte on a Drugstore Budget

There are plenty of quality matte drugstore products. You don't have to spend a fortune to get the texture and finish you want. Not only will this tutorial offer up several fab recommendations for matte products you can find at the drugstore, it will also show you a stunning natural look you'll love for the everyday!

8 All Day Makeup

The best foundation routine for when you need your makeup to SLAY ALL DAY! From brunch & shopping to concerts & nightclubs, this routine will have your back all day long!


This matte look is perfect for a night out. In this tutorial, she takes you step by step on how to create this flawless look. Whether your skin is oily or breaking out, your skin is sure to look amazing!

10 Natural Matte Makeup

This is an easy, every day, go-to matte look that's super natural. Oily skin? No problem! Your complexion will be clear in no time.

Got any tips about how to banish oily skin altogether? Barring that, please feel free to share your makeup tips!

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