Gorgeous Matte Makeup Looks for Girls with Oily Skin ...

I have super oily skin. I hate it and I do what I can to keep it at bay, but I also have this grody issue with dry skin around my mouth, plus it's summer, which means it's just … ugh. If you, too, have oily skin, you know the struggle. You know the delicate balance act of not just wearing makeup, but finding the right products. You know the painstaking trial-and-error process of finding a moisturizer that hydrates your skin but doesn't clog it up or leave it with a sheen. You know. Matte makeup is a godsend from the Magical Makeup Fairy. It takes away so much worry – because I hate developing an oily sheen through my makeup. It's awful. These matte makeup looks, though? They're perfect for girls with oily skin.

1. The Ideal Daytime Glam Look

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Sometimes you need to look absolutely glamorous while the sun is still up. Maybe that's your day-to-day or maybe you've got somewhere special to be. Doesn't matter why. The only thing that matters is this matte makeup tutorial. You're welcome.

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