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Makeup Looks Perfectly Made Women for Women with Hazel Eyes ...

By Lyndsie

Hazel eyes are lovely, in my totally biased opinion – because I have hazel eyes, you see. I used to long for green or grey or blue eyes, but I've come to love my versatile eye color. See, the great thing is that lots of makeup looks are perfect for hazel eyes. You can play around with so many different color palettes and combinations, especially when it comes to your eye makeup. If you've got a pair of bejeweled peepers, maybe some of these makeup looks will inspire you!

Table of contents:

  1. A smoky, rosy, radiant look
  2. Or something like this
  3. A look that's all eyeliner
  4. Bright lip, glitter gold
  5. This bold eye and lip combo
  6. Keep it subtle and simple
  7. Boldly pink, subtly gold
  8. Flash some irresistible lashes
  9. Sprout wings and fly
  10. Bring out your green
  11. Go with a neutral
  12. Copper, bronze, and matte make magic happen
  13. Accessorize with a pretty pout
  14. Vamp with a red lip
  15. Draw attention to your cheekbones
  16. Nude lip, dramatic eye
  17. But this is retro, too

1 A Smoky, Rosy, Radiant Look

A little gold would mix in perfectly, I think. I love that shade of pink!

2 Or Something like This

Pair your pink with a dramatic lip. That wine red has a pink tone that perfectly complements the eye shadow.

3 A Look That's All Eyeliner

Draw attention to your eyes whenever possible. That peachy pink lip is pretty, too!

4 Bright Lip, Glitter Gold

I don't think I can pull this off, but it can work. You can also tweak it – tone down the lipstick, for instance, and I think I maybe could work this.

5 This Bold Eye and Lip Combo

Rock something dramatic with a little subtle glam when you really want to splash out. I kind of love everything about this.

6 Keep It Subtle and Simple

That should be the new KISS acronym: keep it simple and subtle. A dewy, natural look is lovely for hazel-eyed girls.

7 Boldly Pink, Subtly Gold

I love the pink lip with that flawless line of gold on her eyes. Love her hair, too – ditto the way her necklace highlights her eyes!

8 Flash Some Irresistible Lashes

The best way to draw attention to those gorgeous hazel eyes? Frame them with thick, swoon-worthy lashes.

9 Sprout Wings and Fly

She looks like she could fly away on those wings. They're FFF: fierce, flawless, and fabulous!

10 Bring out Your Green

This might strike you as a daring choice, maybe even a makeup don't, but c'mon. Try it. Even if you do it in the privacy of your own bathroom and never tell a soul.

11 Go with a Neutral

A barely-there color, something natural that's a few shades lighter than your skin tone, perhaps with a bit of shimmer, can bring out the brown depths of your hazel eyes.

12 Copper, Bronze, and Matte Make Magic Happen

I adore this look. Like, I really, really love the eye makeup. Those colors are stunning.

13 Accessorize with a Pretty Pout

Your eyes are gorgeous, but you can use your other lovely features to complement them. Keep everything soft and nearly nude.

14 Vamp with a Red Lip

Red lipstick and hazel eyes go together like peanut butter and jelly. You just have to find your perfect shade.

15 Draw Attention to Your Cheekbones

Try it. Use the perfect shade of blush to brush on a pretty flush of color and watch the way your eyes pop.

16 Nude Lip, Dramatic Eye

This is a classic combo that works well with all skin types and eye colors – including hazel. It's also a little retro.

17 But This is Retro, Too

And I am officially in love.

How do you show off your hazel eyes?

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