7 Time Saving Make-up Tips That Make Your Mornings Easier ...


Time saving make-up tips are something we can all benefit from, am I right? After all, if I had to choose between a few more minutes in bed or a lengthy make-up routine, the choice is obvious. I want to be able to go from bed to ready to face the day in just minutes. If you’re like me and want your make-up to go on flawlessly in a short amount of time, check out these time saving make-up tips that just might have you resting longer every morning.

1. Clean out Your Make-up Bag

Clean out Your Make-up Bag

If you’re anything like me, you buy make-up you absolutely love in the store, but then you find out that you don’t really care for it when you get home. Having all that extra stuff cluttering up your make-up bag can really add time to your routine. So, one of the best time saving make-up tips I can offer is to clean out your stuff. Get rid of the items you don’t want or don’t use and pare things down to only what you slather on often. That way, you can grab what you need without digging.

Use Tinted Moisturizer
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