7 Tips for Applying Blush Perfectly ...


You might think that you don't need any tips for applying blush. All you have to do is dab your brush on your blush and put it on your cheeks, right? But it's easy to apply too much blush or put it in the wrong place. Try these tips for applying blush to make sure that you're not blushing for the wrong reasons …

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Choose Your Shade

Choose Your Shade The first of my tips for applying blush is to pick the right shade for your skin. The wrong shade will stand out far too much. You want to complement your skin, not contrast it. A good guide for choosing the correct shade is to gently slap your skin. You want to look like you're slightly flushed, so this will show you how your skin will look.


Don't Overdo It

Don't Overdo It Less is more with most cosmetics, and especially with blusher. Slap on too much and you'll end up with an obvious stripe or look like a clown. Apply a little each time; you can always build it up if you want more. But you don't want to overdo it and have to cover your mistake - or start again from scratch.


Use the Right Formula

Use the Right Formula Using the correct formulation will help your blush stay on for longer. But should you use cream or powder blush? Cream works very well for mature or dry skin, whereas powder blush is best for oily skin. Oily skins can also use gel or liquid blush. Avoid stains if you have dry skin.



Apples You want to apply your blusher to the apples of your cheeks. But how do you find out where these are? Simply smile, and you'll see them pop up. You don't need a manic Joker-like grin, but rather a slight smile. Maintain the smile while you apply your blush so that you can see where it should go.



Brush The tiny little brush that comes with the product is ok if you're touching up your makeup away from home, but pretty useless otherwise. Invest in a proper blusher brush to apply your blush at home. You need one that's slightly tapered, so that the blush isn't applied in an even circle. A cheap brush won't give a good result, so splash out a bit if you want your makeup to look good.


Circular Moves

Circular Moves You may have been taught to put your blush on sweeping upwards. The trouble with this is that you can end up with lines of blush, which won't look terribly natural. Instead, use a circular movement, sweeping the color round your cheeks. Tap the brush first to remove excess color. Apply more until you're happy, then blend with a clean brush.


Order of Application

Order of Application Finally, apply your cosmetics in the right order. Generally, blusher should be applied after foundation. You should then set it with translucent powder. Applying blusher before foundation risks hiding or smudging your blush.

Blusher is a fantastic cosmetic for adding just a hint of color and making your skin look fresher and younger (who doesn't want to look younger!). So it's worth taking a little time to make sure that it looks just right. Have you had any disasters with blusher and ended up looking like a clown?

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I tried putting blush on in circular motions and for me that was a disaster. I had no control of where it was placed. It was a proper blush brush and it still got everywhere. I put it on along the cheekbones then use a clean brush or my powder or foundation brush to blend it out a little bit

I do all of these steps and my blush always perfect am thinking of buying kabuki brush I hope it will work with me :)

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