Top 9 Urban Decay Products I Love ...

Urban Decay is one of those brands that just clicks with me, which is why I came up with a list of the top Urban Decay products that look amazing on! Do you have like Urban Decay? Do you have a top Urban Decay products list in your head? Who knows, maybe our lists will match! So ladies, without any further comments, let's talk about my top Urban Decay products list below!

1. Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III

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I am a huge fan of any and all top Urban Decay products that have a pop-up story with them. That's exactly what this playful and cute eyeshadow palette has with it! When you open it up, it has the glittering and shimmering lights of New York City along with 16 different and versatile eyeshadows! This is definitely a product that you should check out!

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