7 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh for as Long as Possible ...


The ways to keep your makeup fresh Iโ€™m going to talk about today are the perfect ones to try, in case you have a feeling youโ€™re throwing out a great deal of barely used makeup and have absolutely no idea how to prevent it from happening. Now, keeping makeup fresh is hardly rocket science, of course, yet involves a bit of care too and these following tips are sure to be of some help. Take a look! Theyโ€™ve helped me prolong the life of a lot of my products and will help you do the same.

1. Keep Your Tools Clean

Dirty, improperly stored makeup brushes, sponges and applicators actually have stuff living on them! Dip a dirty brush into a new product and youโ€™ve just turned it into a Petri dish thus contaminating your brand new product and significantly shortening its useful life. Having this in mind wonโ€™t only keep your skin healthy, itโ€™s one of the ways to keep your makeup fresh as well and it will certainly help you get the most out of those baked and powder products that can start smelling funky in just a few months, or last well over a year, all depending on how clean they are being kept.

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