Fab Makeup Brands You Need to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal ...


There are more makeup brands out there than any of us could ever imagine. That means the makeup brand of your dreams might be waiting out there and you don't even know. Buzzfeed, as it's wont to do, opened up our eyes to a Kaboodles-load of underrated new makeup brands, but we took it one step further by seeing what their commenters had to say and adding some of our favorite lesser-known brands, too. We also had to agree that certain brands, such as e.l.f. and NYX, though wonderful, aren't exactly underrated. Check out these brands, peruse their Instas, and then chime in with your must-have makeup lines!

1. Makeup Geek

Get it: makeupgeek.com

Makeup Geek is a marvelous place to find to-die-for eye makeup. Seriously, their colors are gorgeous and a quick look at their tagged pics will show you the potential for every imaginable makeup look. Best part? The brand's got some great new contouring powders!

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