You Can Put a Spin on the Traditional Smoky Eye with These 7 Tips ...

The smoky eye is a beautiful look that most of us want to wear from time to time. It’s perfect for a special date night or other fancy occasion in your life. It pairs perfectly with a nude lip or classic red lipstick. If you want to put a spin on the traditional smoky eye, something just a little different to give you a unique look, these tips can give you some fresh ideas.

1. Switch out Your Grays for Plums

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A smoky eye done in shades of gray is lovely but you don’t have to limit yourself to that color palette. You can also do a smoky eye with shades of plum. Some plums lean toward the greige side which’re a perfect choice for a smoky eye. In fact, you could use this makeup technique with dark chocolate browns or even dark blues such as navy. There’s no need to limit yourself; go for the dark colors that suit you best.

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