How to Create a Perfect Navy Blue Smoky Eye ...

This smoky eye look should be more commonly known as a beautiful navy blue shade with a silver base.

Many people think bronzer, brown and nude are the only colours good for creating a smoky eye but this is simply not true as there are so many other combinations which look equally as stunning.

All you need for this one is silver and a selection of blues (going from lightest to darkest).

1. Lightest Shade of Silver

Lightest Shade of Silver

Start by selecting the silver eyeshadow and use a light, small brush to dab the product into the inner corner of each eye.

Itโ€™s okay to drag it out a little bit if you want it to have a dramatic effect which will contrast against the darker blue shades.

Use this same silver colour to highlight the area just above the eyelid crease and donโ€™t worry about blending any of the blues into it just yet.

Lightest Shade of Blue